Webinar: Adaptable Leadership, It’s Situational AND Social

Organizations demand a lot from their leaders in terms of results, skill sets and the ability to effectively influence others. So how can organizations like yours develop these types of leaders to achieve your goals? Consider the synergies between the Situational Leadership® Model and SOCIAL STYLE® and the results from a recent research study with over 4,000 global participants.

Video: Cognizant Leader Discusses Results of SOCIAL STYLE Training

“Quite frequently, communication is cited as the number one tool that helped them close a deal or significantly impacted the project opportunity.” —Jeremy Jensen, Leader, Cognizant Academy Watch more about Cognizant leaders’ experience with SOCIAL STYLE training >>>

Research: Understanding Leaders Adaptability and Versatility

Research: Understanding Leaders Adaptability and Versatility   Two models that are often used in conjunction are Situational Leadership® and SOCIAL STYLE®. While these models target distinct areas of leader performance, a question that has never been addressed is whether there are any unknown benefits when the two programs are combined. Can leaders gain insights from both models, when used together, that could improve their effectiveness?   To answer this… Read More

Video: Understand SOCIAL STYLE and Versatility

“The power of SOCIAL STYLE is realizing that there are people out there that have different preferences in how they like to think, how they like to receive information and how they like to communicate.” “The ultimate power of SOCIAL STYLE is something called Versatility. Versatility is really all about, ‘Do I take the time… Read More

Social Intelligence Overview: TRACOM Group

TRACOM® Group – The Social Intelligence Company – is a workplace performance company and a leading provider of essential soft skills training solutions. Through our comprehensive learning programs, TRACOM has helped millions of people around the world to uncover hidden barriers and identify strategies that enable more positive outcomes and professional success.

Whitepaper: Cognitive Biases and the Story of Social Intelligence

Cognitive Biases and the Story of Social Intelligence All people are affected by cognitive biases that distort how we Think, Act and React to the world around us. This happens because our brains are lazy—we look for quick interpretations of events and easy solutions to problems. We develop habits so we don’t have to expend… Read More

Video: SOCIAL STYLE Passport

SOCIAL STYLE Passport is an OnDemand, interactive tool allows learners to select any of more than 80 country and regional norms and instantaneously see how their SOCIAL STYLE may change based on the behavior standards of that locale

Video: SOCIAL STYLE Navigator

SOCIAL STYLE Navigator is a micro-learning platform that allows users to get Style-specific advice on more than 20 topics such as running a meeting, selling to a team or giving performance reviews.