SOCIAL STYLE® Passport – Global

What is SOCIAL STYLE Passport?

The SOCIAL STYLE Passport is an online tool to see how your SOCIAL STYLE’s behavior would be observed / perceived in any country around the world. Anyone who completed an online Self-Perception or Multi-Rater Profile can select any of the 66 countries and 19 regional norms and generate a new, on-demand profile via an interactive map. SOCIAL STYLE Passport is available at no charge to organizations and learners using TRACOM’s online profile system.

SOCIAL STYLE Passport is a global application technology available to learners to support post-classroom understanding of how “Cultural Norms” influence behavior in different countries and cultures around the world.

Because the SOCIAL STYLE ModelTM and SOCIAL STYLE Profile are used around the world, TRACOM offers many different international norms to account for cultural differences and their  impact on behavior. Norms provide a mechanism for people to compare themselves with one another. TRACOM’s research shows that Style is a global concept; however, every culture is unique, and this is sometimes reflected in the way Style and Versatility are displayed. SOCIAL STYLE Passport gives learners the ability to see how their SOCIAL STYLE is viewed in various countries.

When SOCIAL STYLE Passport is enabled for a client, learners will have the option to view their overall SOCIAL STYLE as well as the SOCIAL STYLE portion of their profile report as viewed by other cultures. TRACOM offers many regional and country norms for the Universal SOCIAL STYLE Profile, which are updated periodically.


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Example of SOCIAL STYLE Passport

social style passport


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