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How We Serve Our Global Clients


The TRACOM Group – The Social Intelligence Company® – is a workplace performance company and a leading provider of Social Intelligence corporate training solutions. Through our corporate training courses, TRACOM has helped millions of people around the world to uncover hidden barriers and identify strategies that enable more positive outcomes and professional success. Our Social Intelligence training solutions include learning and development programs in the areas of Mindset, Resiliency, Agility, Emotional Intelligence and Behavioral Style – all focused on helping our customers create a more engaged, productive and effective environment. Through interpersonal skills training, team development programs, sales effectiveness training, survey and assessment design, and consulting in the areas of performance management, leadership development, or employee engagement, we deliver positive, impactful solutions for our customers. Backed by years of research and proven methodology, TRACOM Group’s corporate training solutions provide the “Ah Ha’s” that lead to high-performance. TRACOM also offers our training programs in a virtual environment!

  • [WHY we do]

    We believe that improving peoples’ understanding of themselves and others makes the world a better place.

  • [WHAT we do]

    We synthesize our discoveries into actionable learning and resources that improve an individual’s performance in all parts of their lives. We call this Social Intelligence

  • [HOW we do it]

    Through research and experience we uncover the hidden barriers to individuals achieving their maximum potential and identify how to help overcome them.

FAQ for Learning & Development and HR Leaders

What problems does our training programs solve?

Our corporate training solutions solve conflict, communication challenges, lack of empathy and connection between leaders and employees, innovation challenges, ineffective change management or change apathy, slow sales, and team inclusiveness issues.

Who is this training designed for (what audience)?

TRACOM corporate training courses are designed for all workplace audiences – from leadership to onboarding employees to well established teams – our programs are designed to be inclusive of all types of people in all industries and roles within a small or complex organization. Some programs are focused on content specific to sales or managerial audiences and others more general.

What evidence do you offer that these programs work?

TRACOM’s corporate training programs begin their lifecycle with robust research. They are designed and redesigned to keep pace with the latest science-based approaches to cognitive and behavioral learning. We offer detailed technical reports which document the research supporting our valid and reliable models, assessments and training programs.

Why should I pick your model or instruments instead of someone else's?

TRACOM’s assessments and models are deployed around the world because of their proven workplace impact.  Millions of individuals and thousands of organizations have found that TRACOM is the Social Intelligence partner of choice. And independent studies have found that TRACOM’s programs are easier to learn and apply and lead to better workplace results. We can provide specific product comparisons on request.

How much value do I receive for the cost?

TRACOM is unique in the corporate training world because we include a comprehensive learning system for your investment. You receive the assessments, program content, technology, support, reinforcement materials and even training impact data when you work with TRACOM. All for one price!

Do you teach these programs or can our own facilitators teach them?

Both. TRACOM provides instructor-led training, virtual training, reseller support globally or train-the-trainer preparation depending on your needs and requirements. Discuss your preferred approach with our Client Solutions Advisors to tailor the optimal program for your organization.

What delivery options do I have to deploy your programs

Whatever delivery options you need, TRACOM can provide them. We offer online, on-demand and instructor-led training. And with support for more than 26 languages, TRACOM is your global success partner.

Are you big enough to handle my business?

TRACOM has taught programs in over 90 countries and on 6 continents. We offer corporate training programs – including assessments, instruments, training materials and technology – in over 20 languages and with research-based norms. As a provider of original research, training content and intellectual property development for over 50 years, our list of clients validates the professional standards we live by. We can serve anyone, anywhere. Let us know how we can support your organization. We were recently named a Top 20 Assessment and Evaluation company by Training Industry.

Can you handle delivering training on a global basis?

Global corporate training programs have challenges, but TRACOM addresses them in three ways:

  1. Support for more than 26 international languages for maximum understanding
  2. More than 80 country and international region norms to increase relevance and acceptance
  3. A global network of certified instructors and training partners to manage worldwide deployment

TRACOM has managed corporate training programs in more than 90 countries and on 6 continents.