TRACOM’s Learning System

Easiest to Learn, Teach, Remember and Apply

TRACOMs Comprehensive Learning Systems ensure our programs are the Easiest to Learn, Teach, Remember and Apply. TRACOM’s training programs include SOCIAL STYLE to drive Versatility, Behavioral EQ to improve Emotional Intelligence in the workplace, Resilience training to improve engagement and wellness, and Organizational Agility training to increase adaptability and innovation.

TRACOM’s Comprehensive Learning System’s Approach

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Through robust assessments, comprehensive training, and post-learning tools, strategies and applications, TRACOMs programs provide rich, deep and meaningful life-long learning for optimal workplace high-performance. TRACOM’s programs address fundamental solution areas that build Social Intelligence to improve communication, connections and empathy, reduce stress and increase adaptability to change, and help drive innovation for organizations.

Our Comprehensive Learning Systems include all of the following:

  • 1

    Multi-rater and self-perception assessments identify behavioral strengths and weaknesses, providing a foundation for learning.  Choose from online or paper assessments.

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    Courses & Content

    Pick from off-the-shelf courses, eLearning or license TRACOM content to build your own learning program.  Exercises and lessons are available specifically for sales, managers or individual contributors. Flexible content with facilitator support.

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    Reinforcement Content

    Keep the enthusiasm and impact going with on-demand content.  Your SOCIAL STYLE investment includes access to a free library of post-training guides and interactive tools to boost performance. 

How TRACOM’s programs support Learners:

  • Certification and Accreditation

    Get certified in Social Intelligence programs.

    Accreditation ensures instructors have the knowledge and skills necessary to facilitate a foundational program using Self-Perception profiles. Accreditation is free for all facilitators who purchase Self-Perception Administration Kits.

    Certification is designed to provide more advanced knowledge, skills and tools needed to facilitate SOCIAL STYLE & Versatility programs using Multi-Rater profiles.

  • Assessments

    Multi-rater assessments are designed to provide the most robust and honest feedback to learners to help understand how behavior is perceived by colleagues and clients. These assessments have been shown to have the strongest impact on behavior change in the workplace. Delivery of multi-rater assessments requires an instructor to be certified, ensuring the learning experience is transformational.

    Self-assessments provide learners with an opportunity for self evaluation and reflection. While not as effective for understanding how your behavior impacts others, the opportunity fo self reflection helps learners identify strengths and weaknesses.

  • Classroom, Virtual or Online Training

    Our courses are highly interactive, fun and practical delivered in any modality.  Tailor your training approach to meet the needs of your organization and audience, including traditional classroom training, virtual instructor-led or 100% online. Approaches may be combined for maximum flexibility and impact.

    Facilitate training with your certified instructors or utilize TRACOM’s network of world-class training professionals. Organizations often include TRACOM courses as part of an ongoing open enrollment training program or as part of a corporate university.

  • Comprehensive Materials

    All Social Intelligence programs come complete with instructor and learner materials. Assessments, workbooks, guides, and access to micro-learning tools are included along with instructor resources for optimal classroom experience.

    Additionally, workshops and training may be tailored to brief half-day or multi-day requirements, may be completed entirely online or combined in virtual / online / classroom experiences to match to your organizations needs and audience preferences.

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