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Behavioral EQ is practical, researched and focused to drive impact.

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Emotional Intelligence is proven to improve leadership performance, sales results and recruiting efforts. TRACOM’s Behavioral EQ Model™ reflects the latest research in both brain function and performance. It focuses on the most important elements of Emotional Intelligence and those that can be successfully developed.

The TRACOM Group offers a family of EQ assessments, training courses and content that can be effectively deployed worldwide.

Products: Instructor Led Training

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Behavioral EQ Concepts Guide & Self-Perception Questionnaireself perception admin kit

TRACOM’s Behavioral EQ Concepts Guide and Questionnaire combine the paper-based questionnaire with a self-study Concepts Guide to help an individual understand the fundamentals of Emotional Intelligence, measure their own abilities and improve their performance. Includes:

  • Self-Perception Assessment (Paper and Online)
  • Participant Materials
  • Facilitator Materials
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Developing Behavioral EQTMbeq one day course

TRACOM’s Developing Behavioral EQ™ is a comprehensive one-day course for understanding EQ and putting these powerful skills to work. Includes:

  • Multi-rater Assessment
  • Participant Materials
  • Facilitator Materials
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Onsite Facilitation

Contact TRACOM to deliver training in your location to your audience.

On-site training is one of the most effective ways to facilitate any of our Social Intelligence training programs.  Our on-site trainer will be able to tailor the delivery to meet your group’s specific issues, challenges, culture and learning objectives.

Virtual Training

TRACOM conducts virtual classroom delivery sessions for clients per your needs.

Virtual training is an alternative delivery method to traditional classroom training.  Instead of your learners attending a training program in a physical classroom, we can arrange to deliver any of our Social Intelligence training programs in a virtual classroom.