Social Intelligence for Sales Training

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How Social Intelligence Boosts Sales

  • 1
    Build Rapport

    Salespeople with Social Intelligence communicate better and build effective relationships with prospects and customers. TRACOM sales training materials provide the tools to develop Social Intelligence.

  • 2
    Identify Opportunities

    TRACOM-trained salespeople work collaboratively with customers to solve problems and create new approaches that work.

  • 3
    Overcome Challenges

    The job of sales can be frustrating. TRACOM Social Intelligence sales training materials teach practical techniques to productively deal with stress and persevere for long-term success.

  • 4
    Close Deals

    Social Intelligence measurably drives sales. It shortens the selling cycle, increases deal size and creates repeat business. TRACOM sales training materials are the roadmap to greater Social Intelligence

TRACOM Sales Solutions

SOCIAL STYLE  helps salespeople understand the behaviors and preferences of others and then adapt their own behavior to build more effective relationships.  It helps build rapport, overcome objections and increases sales performance.

As a result of TRACOM’s SOCIAL STYLE Training:

  • 92% of Salespeople developed more positive customer relationships
  • 87% of Salespeople increased their ability to influence or persuade customers
  • 79% of Salespeople improved their ability to gain ongoing sales
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Emotional Intelligence helps salespeople gauge the emotions of others and become more empathetic to build stronger bonds with prospects, customers and colleagues.  Behavioral EQ training creates better listeners and more influential sales professionals.

“The strength of the model is the emotion paired with the behavioral element – this is what makes the difference in everyday interactions”  – Senior Sales Leader at Old Mutual

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Resiliency training helps salespeople overcome the natural, negative biases that affect us all.  They learn to effectively deal with challenges of selling and coping with a fast-changing environment.

People with resilience skills were found to be:

  • 15% better finding opportunities in workplace challenges
  • 16% better at consistently performing at a high level
  • 20% more comfortable initiating change when needed
  • 22% less likely to be personally effected by stressful situations.
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Agile salespeople are better able to identify new opportunities for sales and create a customer-centric approach for collaboration. Our training creates positive change for long-term growth.

“The demand for agility skills is significant and universal. Our leaders have identified these skills as critical to our business, and relevant to our people at all levels.” – Director of Sales, EY

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