What is the Adaptive Mindset® for Resilience Profile?

The Adaptive Mindset for Resilience Assessment and Profile measures a person’s Negativity Bias, which is the way a person typically reacts to stress. A personalized profile details their primary Bias and the skills needed to prevent or recover from it, so your workers learn how to adapt to the fast-paced and constantly changing workplace.

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Your Adaptive Mindset for Resilience Investment includes a Comprehensive Learning System:

  • Assessment & Profile Report

    Multi-rater and self-perception assessments identify your Negativity Bias, providing a foundation for learning.

  • Training Materials

    TRACOM offers a variety of virtual, classroom or eLearning courses and licenses our assessments and course content to build your own learning program.  World-class participant and facilitator materials included.

  • Application Tools

    Keep the enthusiasm and impact going with on-demand application resources.  The Resilience Navigator is a free library of post-training guides and interactive tools to boost performance and apply resilience skills in the workplace.

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The Adaptive Mindset Profile helps us understand and overcome the Negativity Bias. And now, anyone who has a SOCIAL STYLE will receive Style-specific information to show how Style influences their Negativity Bias and how they can adapt to become more Resilient.

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