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Adaptive Mindset for Agility® provides individuals and teams with approaches to overcome biases that interfere with innovation and creative problem-solving. With our program, you are 35% more likely to be viewed by others as an initiator of change, so get started now!

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What is Organizational Agility?

Agility training helps people and organizations overcome our tendency toward the status quo and move to positive action.  But the benefits of agility go beyond just innovation. Agility has implications for almost every job function and department. And agility training provides practical techniques to effectively execute change.  Agile organizations shape their futures and markets.

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Program Showcase is a Free Virtual Course Preview for Curious Leaders interested in launching Organizational Agility training in your company!

This dynamic, interactive showcase will provide the opportunity for Learning & Development leaders, Facilitators, HR Leaders, Consultants and Education Leaders to learn about our Agility training program for free and gain in-depth insights into the course and the value this program provides learners before launching the training within your organization.

Each session is delivered on an easy-to-use virtual learning platform and features a live certified facilitator. We include a follow-up phone/video debrief session where you’ll have the opportunity to receive your individual profile report and discuss how these social intelligence skills can be developed within your organization.

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The Adaptive Mindset for Agility® Model

The Agility IDEA Model consists of four dimensions (with eight sub-elements) and is designed to revolutionize participants’ habitual ways of thinking and unlock the reservoir of innovative potential that resides in all of us.

Investigate. Design. Energize. Apply.

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Agility Resources

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