What is Social Intelligence?

Social Intelligence transforms how we Think, Act and React for optimal success. This essential skill doesn’t come naturally to us, but mitigating biases that inhibit optimal performance is possible with TRACOM social intelligence training.

Why do you need it now?

Social Intelligence combines positive psychology and neuroscience to help us overcome personal biases that affect our behavior. Our performance improves as we learn to become more Versatile, Agile, Resilient and Emotionally Intelligent. TRACOM business soft skills programs build Social Intelligence and drive success.

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Through robust assessments, comprehensive training, and post-learning tools, strategies and applications, TRACOMs programs provide rich, deep and meaningful life-long learning for optimal workplace high-performance.


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What does Social Intelligence training help solve?

Social Intelligence training helps solve challenges related to engagement building, leadership, diversity, change effectiveness, and sales.

To be engaged, employees need to feel heard, valued and part of the team.

Social Intelligence business soft skills training training helps individuals – and ultimately organizations – learn how to communicate more effectively. With Social Intelligence training, individuals and teams will improve their ability to connect, collaborate, adapt and innovate,  boosting participation, effectiveness and an authentic sense of engagement.

Social Intelligence isn’t just about adopting a positive attitude.  The business soft skills training offered through TRACOM’s suite of Intelligence solutions build culture and team effectiveness by providing insights into why people think, act and react the way they do. The learning activates knowledge, tools and strategies for overcoming self-imposed obstacles that interfere with engagement.

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Leadership’s ability to drive impactful outcomes starts with leaders who model Social Intelligence skills and behaviors.

“Many of our leaders are new to the role. We’ve given them training on the basics of management but our leade rs…

  • Don’t effectively resolve conflict
  • Avoid difficult conversations
  • Don’t recognize their own weaknesses, or their strengths
  • Lack influence

Social Intelligence training providers leaders with the skills, tools and strategies to model effective behavior. These skills make them more likeable, influential and ultimately more effective as leaders.

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Companies have moved beyond just thinking about race and gender. Now, companies are moving toward understanding different countries, cultures, and markets.

Social Intelligence training helps people become aware of their behavior and how they are perceived by others. Participants in our training learn about their strengths and weaknesses in relation to how they communicate and connect with others. When people embrace the “Platinum Rule” (treat others as they want to be treated) in communicating with one another, a sense of inclusion in the workplace improves.

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Salespeople with Social Intelligence communicate better and build effective relationships with prospects and customers.

Social Intelligence training helps salespeople understand the behaviors and preferences of others and then adapt their own behavior to build more effective relationships.  TRACOM business soft skills training helps build rapport, overcome objections and increases sales performance.

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Change is about more than process management. Change is a state of mind.

Social Intelligence training goes beyond process to impact how people’s mindset is an essential component in effective change.

In most companies, change is often a management or process driven approach with methods, steps and parameters that provide guidelines for what to do when new policies are implemented.

But research shows that effective change management starts with impacting the hearts and minds of But research shows that effective change management starts with impacting the hearts and minds of PEOPLE. TRACOM’s Social Intelligence for Change helps individuals and teams learn how to deal with the range of dynamics that exist in times of change.

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Social Intelligence Skills Help You:

  • 1

    Effective communication is possible when people Think, Act and React with Versatility.

  • 2

    To build connected relationships, Socially Intelligence people practice empathy and mindful awareness of others's needs.

  • 3

    In today's disruptive world, being adaptive to change is essential. Social Intelligence improves adaptability.

  • 4

    Innovation doesn't come naturally - but with training to overcome biases, all people can become creative innovators.

History of
Social Intelligence

In today’s reality, to accelerate performance and success, people must strive to improve the soft skills that make us most human, our individual and collective Social Intelligence. When we overcome our cognitive biases, we are able to Think, Act and React at our highest human potential (Social Intelligence defined in 2019).

The concept of Social Intelligence goes back more than 100 years to American psychologist and adult learning researcher Edward Thorndike. He described Social Intelligence as the ability “to act wisely in human relations.”

Social Intelligence entered the academic and business mainstream in the 1980s as various papers and books were published. Today’s definition of Social Intelligence expands on years of research and learning to incorporate a more holistic view of human nature in the context of how we use interpersonal and business soft skills for success.

TRACOM Group—The Social Intelligence Company—has helped millions of people around the world to uncover hidden barriers and identify strategies that enable more positive outcomes and professional success. Our social intelligence training teaches people about the core attributes that generate influence and interpersonal effectiveness—behavior, emotions and mindset. With business soft skills training from TRACOM, individuals can adapt the way they think, act and interact with the world around them. Social Intelligence influences the success of individuals, teams and organizations. Through learning and implementing new approaches, people can dramatically improve their potential to thrive in today’s dynamic and challenging world.

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