What is SOCIAL STYLE Navigator?

SOCIAL STYLE Navigator is a robust micro-learning application designed to help people APPLY SOCIAL STYLE® program strategies to real-world/real-time workplace scenarios.

Prepare for meetings, review best-practices for working with other Styles, or collaborate with your team to prepare for sales presentations.

TRACOM values in the impact post-learning resources have on learners so much, we provide this tool for free!

SOCIAL STYLE Navigator includes:

  • SOCIAL STYLE Estimator

    SOCIAL STYLE Estimator helps you evaluate the potential Style of clients, co-workers or vendors to hep maximize communication skills.

    The tool provides a brief question and answer survey to quickly estimate a person’s SOCIAL STYLE. This helpful tool is applicable in a variety of situations such as before meeting with a sales prospect, heading off a potential conflict, meeting with a superior (or subordinate), or working in a team setting.

  • SOCIAL STYLE Advisor

    SOCIAL STYLE Advisor includes productivity tips on dozens of topics including common managerial tasks and sales scenarios. Advisor tips reflect the unique SOCIAL STYLE preferences of both the learner/user and the person they are interacting with, for personalized Style-to-Style advice.

    For example, a Driving Style manager can get advice on effectively giving performance feedback to an employee with the Analytical Style. Or an Expressive Style salesperson can learn how to overcome the objections from an Amiable Style buyer.

Video: Understanding SOCIAL STYLE Navigator

Four eLearning modules are available in the SOCIAL STYLE Navigator:

  • 1
    Coaching with STYLE
    Coaching with STYLE shows how to apply SOCIAL STYLE techniques to any coaching process. It provides specific advice to help the coach build better relationships, improve communications, reduce tension and improve workplace productivity.
  • 2
    Working in Teams with STYLE™
    Working in Teams with STYLE™ teaches how SOCIAL STYLE skills can improve team performance through Versatility. It provides advice to help teams quickly and effectively focus their responsibilities and ultimately operate at optimal performance.
  • 3
    Managing Conflict with STYLE™
    Managing Conflict with STYLE™ advises on how to use Style to anticipate conflicts, reduce occurrence of conflicts, minimize the impact and repair damage after a conflict occurs.
  • 4
    Achieving Higher Versatility™
    Achieving Higher Versatility™ is a guide to improving personal Versatility. Research shows that Versatility skills directly relate to successful business performance. This micro-module includes an in-depth look at Style-specific behaviors.

Video: Associate Reseller explains benefits of Navigator

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