Training Programs

Achieving Social Intelligence requires developing skills in four core areas most essential to workplace success: Social Style, Behavioral Emotional Intelligence, Resilience and Business Agility.


    With SOCIAL STYLE Training:

    •  27% more effective at managing conflict
    • Positively influences others 26% more
    • 24% more likely to consistently perform at a high level
    • 21% more effective at communicating effectively with others

  • Adaptive Mindset for Resiliency®

    With Resilience Training:

    • 22% more likely to not take stressful situations as a personal toll
    • Positively influences others 21% more during times of change
    • 20% more comfortable initiating change when needed
    • 18% more likely to help build a positive culture

  • Behavorial EQ®

    With BEQ Training: 

    • 85% of financial success attributed to EQ
    • Added 390% incremental profit to an accounting firm
    • 11% gain in academic performance

  • Organizational Agility

    With Agility Training: 

    • 35% more likely to be viewed by others as an initiator of change
    • 33% more likely to be seen by others as a go-to person for innovation
    • Supports new initiatives 24% more
    • 22% more likely to view failure as a learning opportunity

TRACOM’s Comprehensive Learning Systems

Through robust assessments, comprehensive training, and post-learning tools, strategies and applications, TRACOMs programs provide rich, deep and meaningful life-long learning for optimal workplace high-performance. TRACOM’s programs address fundamental solution areas that build Social Intelligence to improve communication, connections and empathy, reduce stress and increase adaptability to change, and help drive innovation for organizations.

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