Resilience NavigatorTM

Resilience Navigator is a robust micro-learning application designed to help people apply the Adaptive Mindset resilience and adaptability strategies to real-world workplace scenarios.

What are the features of Resilience Navigator?

  • Part of TRACOM’s complete learning system: assessment, training, application tool
  • Video-based application tool that extends the learning beyond the classroom
  • Works interactively with the Adaptive Mindset for Resilience Profile Report, pulls over data on Negativity Bias and Resilience skills
  • Provides the ability to further explore the different Negativity Biases and how they impact the learner
  • Provides additional strategies to help learners improve in the seven Resilience skill areas

With the Resilience Navigator, you’ll learn more about….

1. Negativity Bias

Participants learned they have a primary negativity bias during their training , but they might feel they sometimes fall victim to a different one. In Resilience Navigator, they can explore the other biases in more detail to see which ones might also affect them.

2. Resilience Skills

The Resilience Navigator works hand-in-hand with the Adaptive Mindset Profile a learner received in class.  It is full of additional strategies and job aids that learners can use to improve their resilience skills in the daily workplace.

More Information about Resilience

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