What is Resilience?

The future will require a new level of adaptability and courage. Resilience prepares people to adapt to change faster and bounce forward under stress.

TRACOM’s unique program is easy to learn and apply because it aligns to how people Think, Act and React in common workplace situations. The focus on overcoming performance barriers and implementing  strategies that impact mindset and behavior ensures both the individual and the organization become more adaptable to change.

Why Resilience is Essential

Video: Understanding Resilience

TRACOM’s Unique Model Evaluates Personal Resilience

The Adaptive Mindset for Resilience Model helps employees understand their cognitive biases and learn strategies to overcome negative tendencies to better embrace change. Workplace stress and disruptive, fast-changing business processes are just part of today’s business world. And while change is a  necessary part of daily business operations, it can have a negative impact on your employees. TRACOM has developed a unique model for evaluating personal Resiliency and more importantly, for developing Resilience skills that drive organizational performance.

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Resilience Training Impact

  • Video: Director of L&D Emphasizes Need for Resilience Training

    Michelle Duncan, Director of Learning & Development at Penn State Health, emphasizes the need for Organizational Resilience within their leaders and employees.
  • Video: CoBank’s Director of L&D Speaks Positive of Resilience Training

    CoBank's Director of L&D speaks on the positive impact of TRACOM's Resilience Training program.

ROI of Resilience Training

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Resilience Resources

  • Whitepaper: The Age of Resilience

    The world today can feel stressful. The news is filled with stories of divisive politics, dramatic social change, dire consequences of climate change,…
  • Infographic: Resilience Training Improves Workplace Performance

    Studies show that “initiatives and programs that foster a Resilient and mentally healthy workplace showed significant returns in the form of lower health…
  • Success Story: Boosting Resilience of Communications Company

    Faced with rapid change in technology and a highly competitive global marketplace, Syniverse identified Resilience Training as part of an employee wellness solution.
  • Whitepaper: The Case for Resiliency Training

    Organizations — and especially senior HR leaders are looking for ways to help employees deal with the effects of workplace change, strain and…

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