TRACOM Group is the Social Intelligence Company.

We change the world by helping individuals and organizations achieve their vision. Our SOCIAL STYLE®, Behavioral EQ® , Adaptive Mindset for Resiliency® and Adaptive Mindset for Agility® comprehensive learning and corporate soft skills programs help people create amazing relationships and build high-performing organizations.

Social Intelligence is Business Intelligent because it improves performance for individuals, teams and entire organizations. It’s the future’s most essential skill. Learn why becoming a Socially Intelligent organization is imperative for your business!

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TRACOM Group’s corporate soft skills training helps people in the workplace discover and break through barriers to improve their performance on the job, reach their maximum potential, and experience success. Our corporate training programs are fueled by a desire to help people become Socially Intelligent professionals. Participants master their ability to Think, Act, and React in ways that lead to greater interpersonal success. We teach research-based, practical strategies that empower people to easily adapt to change and better understand themselves and others in an increasingly diverse society by becoming more Agile and Resilient. TRACOM is recognized the world over for leadership excellence in improving individual and organizational performance. Our programs are available in over 20 languages across 95 countries.

TRACOM’s Social Intelligence solutions include SOCIAL STYLE®, the standard for communications style training in the workplace. SOCIAL STYLE is a behavior-based corporate training program developed using psychometric research, insights into how people learn, custom curriculum and a global perspective based on cultural norms and incorporated into learning technology solutions.

Corporate soft skills such as self-awareness, communication, leadership, and emotional and social intelligence are as important to employers as the hard skills that can be easily measured. Soft skills impact real metrics and performance on the job, and TRACOM Group’s corporate soft skills training programs teach employees and executives how to strengthen these vital skills to better understand themselves and others. With TRACOM, individuals will improve their performance on the job and increase their success and enjoyment in the workplace by learning how to adapt how they Think, Act, and React for optimal success

If your organization or team needs corporate soft skills training to help improve productivity, enhance collaboration, increase employee engagement, and promote innovative growth in your organization, contact TRACOM Group today.

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