Social Intelligence is Business Intelligent

TRACOM offers comprehensive soft skills training programs for businesses and organizations. Our programs improve Versatility, EQ, Resilience, and Agility by adapting the way people Think, Act, and React for optimal success in the workplace.

TRACOM Group is the Social Intelligence Company.

We change the world by helping individuals and organizations achieve their vision. Our comprehensive learning and corporate soft skills programs help people create amazing relationships and build high-performing organizations. Contact us today to learn more about SOCIAL STYLE®, Behavioral EQ® , Adaptive Mindset for Resiliency® and Adaptive Mindset for Agility®.

Social Intelligence is Business Intelligent because it improves performance for individuals, teams and entire organizations. Social Intelligence is the future’s most essential skill. Learn why becoming a Socially Intelligent organization is imperative for your business!

Our World-Leading Corporate Training Programs

Develop Your Virtual Workforce


Remote working is the new normal. Now, more than ever, we need to keep employees productive and teams working well together.

Soft skills are essential during these times. Your people need soft skills to navigate change, manage their stress, communicate effectively, and be better leaders.

If you need help developing your remote employees, we’re here to help.

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TRACOM’s Training Programs Help With These Solution Areas

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