TRACOM makes it easy to learn how to facilitate our world-class SOCIAL STYLE programs whether you’re an experienced facilitator or brand new to instruction. Spend a few minutes watching the video to learn how to get Certified to teach SOCIAL STYLE.

How Can I Get Certified in SOCIAL STYLE?

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    Step 3

    Register for One of Our Virtual Certification Sessions

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    Step 4

    Complete the Certification Prework which takes 6-8 hours

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    Step 5

    Attend and Participate in your Virtual Certification Session

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    Step 6

    Claim Your Digital Certification Badge

Let’s Get Started

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Additional Information for SOCIAL STYLE Certification

Why Get Certified

SOCIAL STYLE is the world’s best-known interpersonal effectiveness
model. It’s used by millions of individuals and thousands
of organizations to improve individual and organizational
performance. SOCIAL STYLE reveals the different behavioral
preferences of people and teaches powerful, practical techniques to
work effectively with everyone.

Becoming a TRACOM Certified Facilitator enables you to teach the
powerful SOCIAL STYLE Model™ to others. Certification is required
to use TRACOM’s multi-rater profiles and to facilitate many SOCIAL
STYLE programs, but it’s benefit in facilitating all courses and
approaches means learners get more value and depth of knowledge
in the learning experience.

We’ll help you: 

• Prepare to successfully facilitate SOCIAL STYLE training
• Set up, administer and monitor upcoming training sessions
Certification ensures you’re prepared to teach any SOCIAL
STYLE® program, using the Self-Perception or Multi-Rater

Your TRACOM Client Solutions Partner is with you the entire
way: before, during and after your training sessions.

• Promote upcoming training to people within your
• Keep learners’ knowledge and enthusiasm alive after the
• Skill-Building Tracks put the training into action
during specific work situations
• SOCIAL STYLE Navigator® helps them apply the
skills they learned