Solutions For Instructors

How we support Instructors, Facilitators and L&D Leaders of Social Intelligence Solutions

With a 50+ year track record, TRACOM’s growth is only partly due to a great suite of products. Much of the company’s success is the result of working with outstanding independent consultants and training organizations. Licensed Associates and corporate learning leaders deliver TRACOM courses and incorporate TRACOM learning models into their own training programs for increased innovation and impact.

FAQ for Instructors, Facilitators and Teachers

How does this support and complement other programs I / my company is teaching?

Social Intelligence skills and training actually improves the impact of other training initiatives.  By providing a common understanding of interpersonal issues and communications challenges, people are better able to focus on the content of training and the business at hand.  And because TRACOM content is highly flexible it can be tailored to work in a wide range of delivery formats, timeframes and audiences.

How do I get ready to teach the program?

We provide turn-key materials to understand our Social Intelligence models, learn course content and teach you to effectively deliver.  And with face-to-face, web-based or phone certification options, you can get ready on your schedule an at your pace.

What type of facilitator materials to you have available for me?

We offer comprehensive materials to prepare facilitators before sessions and make sessions effective.  This includes timed agendas, group reports, content slides and exercises.  And because our content is highly modular, facilitators can deliver in a variety of formats and time durations.

How do you support me after the accreditation / certification?

We continue to conduct research on the impact of our Social Intelligence programs as well as educational webinars and whitepapers.  You will have a dedicated Client Solutions Advisor for any ongoing questions.

Is there flexibility in how content is taught?

Absolutely.  While we offer off-the-shelf courses, our content is highly modular and can be adjusted to best fit your audience or different time options.  You can even use our assessments or license our content to build your own programs.  Whatever works for you, works for us.

How difficult and/or time consuming is it to administer your profiles?

We offer easy-to-use, web-based systems to manage training sessions and assessments.  We will train you to use them or we offer administration management services to clients as well.