SOCIAL STYLE is the world’s leading communications program.  Learn how your behavior is seen by others and practical techniques for creating rapport with anyone.  It builds culture and helps people to work collaboratively.

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Take the next step and register now for a free live, 1-hour showcase.

Why invest in SOCIAL STYLE Training? How can it impact your Organization?

Find more information about the Model, the SOCIAL STYLE Assessment, the various training programs and how to teach SOCIAL STYLE at your organization.

SOCIAL STYLE is the ultimate communications and culture creation tool.  It helps all of your people with a common language and reinforces that people with different behavioral preferences can all contribute in their own way.  SOCIAL STYLE teaches people to understand behavioral patterns and distinguish the message from the way the messenger presents it.

The inclusion of Versatility strategies ensures that people understand practical and powerful ways to work productively with anyone.  Versatility leads to better rapport with others and helps teams optimize performance.

Individuals with high Versatility receive significantly higher scores in communication.

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Many of TRACOM clients include SOCIAL STYLE training as a fundamental part of preparing newly promoted or hired managers.  They understand that the communication and team building skills associated with SOCIAL STYLE and Versatility are critical to leadership success.

Managers who understand how to connect with individuals in ways that resonate with their values, communication styles and needs are better equipped to keep their teams engaged and inspired to achieve.  Multiple research studies have documented the impact that SOCIAL STYLE and Versatility have on managerial performance including:

  • Managers with high SOCIAL STYLE skills are 27% better at managing conflict
  • 81% of managers trained in SOCIAL STYLE say it makes them more effective as a manager and coach
  • Managers with high Versatility are 27% better at leading their teams

“SOCIAL STYLE provides a framework for our new managers to rely on. It helps them understand ways to change their efforts when things don’t go as planned.”
—VP of Human Resources

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SOCIAL STYLE helps salespeople understand the behaviors and preferences of others and then adapt their own behavior to build more effective relationships.  It helps build rapport, overcome objections and increases sales performance.  What could be more important in selling situations than the effective communications that SOCIAL STYLE & Versaility provide?

As a result of TRACOM’s SOCIAL STYLE Training:

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Incorporating SOCIAL STYLE into diversity and inclusion training helps people become aware of their behavior and how they are perceived by others. They learn about their strengths and weaknesses in relation to how they communicate and connect with others. To encourage inclusiveness and diversity of thought, companies can help their people first understand the preferences of different Social Styles. When people embrace the “Platinum Rule” (treat others as they want to be treated) in communicating with one another, a sense of inclusion in the workplace improves.

The SOCIAL STYLE Assessment is available in more than 20 languages and more than 80 country and geographic norms are available making it truly a global resource.  SOCIAL STYLE improves communications making it a great to build an inclusive and diverse culture.

“When we talk about EDI, what we’re really doing is trying to help build a community of trust within an organization.” — Jana Seijts, Lecturer of Management Communication and founder of the Women’s Leadership Mentoring Program, Richard Ivey School of Business

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Few people truly work independently.  Rather how effectively your people work within their teams is what will determine their (and your) success.  SOCIAL STYLE boosts team performance whether it’s a team working in the same office location, spread across the globe or teams focused on serving your clients.

SOCIAL STYLE training helps your people understand the behavioral patterns of themself and their teammates.  Then they learn Versatility strategies that allow them to effectively modify their behavior when working within their teams.  That might mean giving some people more times to evaluate the situation or helping others understand the implications of a decision on their own role.  Teams that understand SOCIAL STYLE simply work at a higher level.  And team leaders that apply SOCIAL STYLE & Versatility can achieve more.  Research shows that people with high SOCIAL STYLE skills are rated :

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Find more information about the Model, the SOCIAL STYLE Assessment, the various training programs and how to teach SOCIAL STYLE at your organization.

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The Social Style model is an invaluable tool that classifies individuals based on their distinct personality traits and how they engage with their peers. Embraced by companies and organizations worldwide, this model serves as a catalyst for enhancing communication and fostering collaboration among team members.

Understanding Social Styles translates to improved relationships and heightened individual performance. By attuning to the nuances of workplace dynamics, employees become more self-aware and gain deeper insights into their colleagues.

Determining the optimal role for each team member is pivotal for organizational success. The Social Style behavioral model excels at aligning individuals with roles that resonate with their strengths, ensuring a seamless fit that drives overall performance.