TRACOM, The Creator of SOCIAL STYLE®, offers the world’s best interpersonal effectiveness training. It’s proven easier to Learn, Teach, Remember and Apply than MBTI or DiSC.

Overview of SOCIAL STYLE


Your SOCIAL STYLE is your preferred way of acting and interacting. Some people work quickly, others more slowly. Some respond better to data and others to stories or personal experiences. SOCIAL STYLE training helps you understand your own preferences and those of others. Most importantly, it teaches you how to recognize the behavior of others and create strong, productive relationships with anyone.

The Golden Rule says to treat others the way YOU want to be treated. But the SOCIAL STYLE Platinum Rule shows you how to treat others the way THEY want to be treated. The impact  of the Platinum Rule is profound.

Why do you need SOCIAL STYLE training?

  • Leaders use SOCIAL STYLE training to improve team effectiveness
  • Understanding team members’ Styles reduces personality conflicts
  • Greatly improve communication, diversity and inclusiveness with SOCIAL STYLE training
  • Use SOCIAL STYLE training  to build a common culture, boost employee engagement, improve change efforts and sales outcomes


Experience SOCIAL STYLE Training!

Program Showcase is a Free Virtual Course Preview for Curious Leaders interested in launching SOCIAL STYLE training in your organization!

This dynamic, interactive showcase will provide the opportunity for Learning & Development leaders, Facilitators, HR Leaders, Consultants and Education Leaders to learn about our SOCIAL STYLE training program for free and gain in-depth insights into the course and the value this program provides learners before launching the training within your organization.

Each session is delivered on an easy-to-use virtual learning platform and features a live certified facilitator. We include a follow-up phone/video debrief session where you’ll have the opportunity to receive your individual profile report and discuss how these social intelligence skills can be developed within your organization.

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Job-specific Programs

  • Style for Managers

    Managers and team leaders are the front-line of business success. SOCIAL STYLE training helps leaders communicate with every team member in a productive way and supercharges team performance with managerial specific exercises and focus.

  • Style for Sales

    From building initial rapport to dealing with objections and closing deals, relationships and communications drive sales success. TRACOM has sales-specific SOCIAL STYLE training and assessments with a proven track record of boosting individual and organizational sales, creating a high performance sales culture.

  • Style for Universal Audiences

    SOCIAL STYLE training supercharges the performance of individual contributors and is easy to provide for mixed groups or as an open enrollment class. TRACOM’s universal assessments and courses are easy to deploy with measurable impact.


TRACOM created the SOCIAL STYLE Model by evaluating what factors distinguished the most successful people from others. And more than someone’s IQ, education or experience, their ability to create good relationships drives performance.

There are four unique Styles.  Each Style has different ways of using time, interacting with others, and making decisions

With SOCIAL STYLE you can observe a person and determine their preferences or Style. You can then use that information to moderate your behavior and make that person more comfortable, allowing you to resolve conflict. This is called Versatility. It’s practical and powerful.

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