Don’t Back Up Under Stress: Bounce Forward | HCI

January 25, 2022, 3:00 PM – 4:00 PM ET

Dan Day, Director of Client Success, TRACOM, Jason Kiesau, Director of Client Partnerships, TRACOM, Yoann Barbosa, Country Finance Director, US Regional Finance Director, North America Hitachi Energy

All humans have behavioral habits, and those habits determine our reactions to stress. Many of us are not even aware we have these habits—but you will be if you join us for this webinar on January 25.

You’ll learn about the “Social Styles” we all have, and what happens when each Style is faced with stress at work or at home. See what happens when we go into “backup behavior” (spoiler alert: it’s not a good thing) and learn what causes these behaviors in yourself and others and how you can change your actions to address these situations in a more practical manner.

You’ll hear from two behavioral experts who have taught interpersonal skills training all over the world for a combined 50-plus years, along with a leader from Hitachi Energy who has made Resilience training a key initiative for her organization. Together, they’ll show you how to develop new habits to help build up your Resilience and communication skills.

During this webcast you’ll discover:

  • That stress is often caused by how we communicate and how we receive communication from others
  • How stress-caused Backup Behaviors ruin relationships
  • Strategies to help you understand and work through stressful situation
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Making the Most of SOCIAL STYLE in 2022 | TRACOM Group

February 9, 2022, 11:00 AM ET

Kick off 2022 by learning how SOCIAL STYLE can help you achieve your L&D goals.  Join us February 9, 2022 at 11 a.m. ET.

During our time together participants will learn about:

  • Maximizing SOCIAL STYLE with leadership and management teams
  • The role SOCIAL STYLE can play in conjunction with other popular training programs
  • Creating additional training opportunities using the newly designed SOCIAL STYLE Profile
  • Leveraging SOCIAL STYLE Navigator for continued development opportunities
  • Easy ways to keep Style alive after the initial training
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How Hope and Resilience Foster Wellbeing |

February 24, 2022, 11:00 AM – 12:00 PM ET

Dr. Casey Mulqueen, TRACOM Group and Jim Doyle, Consultant, JSD Consulting

“Hope” is defined as “the feeling that what is wanted can be had or that events will turn out for the best.” During difficult times, a sense of hope and a resilient mindset are perhaps the most important human characteristics that propel people to move forward and even thrive, but how do people develop and display hope? Can hope even be developed? While hope is rarely discussed in organizations, it is imperative for individuals to embrace hopefulness in order to carry on through adversity. Hope is intricately linked with resilience and the wherewithal to persevere through challenging times.

In this webinar, the presenters will share a practical and highly applicable framework that merges the power of choosing to live life optimistically with behavioral methods to develop a resilient mindset. Participants will learn models of hope and resilience that move these from abstract concepts to practical behaviors. They will see how leaders, and others, can model resilience and hopefulness within their teams. The models will be described in terms of how they can be learned and applied by team members. This webinar will be interactive, with participants sharing examples of resilience and hope, and the impacts that a positive mindset has at the workplace.

Participants will learn practical strategies for creating a hopeful life that builds the capacity to be resilient and live with a clear sense of wellbeing. This is the foundation for navigating the ever evolving and uncertain world we live and work in. The webinar will provide uplifting, elevating ideas for living with a positive mindset.

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Program Showcase (Free Virtual Course Preview for Curious L&D/HR/Team Leaders)

These dynamic, interactive showcases provide the opportunity for Learning & Development leaders to learn about our most popular SOCIAL Intelligence training programs for free. Each showcase is delivered in just 2 hours and highlights the most essential elements of our Resiliency, Agility, Emotional Intelligence or SOCIAL STYLE program.

The power of TRACOM’s programs come from experiencing the rich Ah-Ha moments that deliver insights into ourselves and others paired with robust tools, strategies and learning platforms that drive actionable behavior change and ensure ongoing learning beyond the classroom. This experience enables Facilitators, HR Leaders, Consultants and Education Leaders to gain in-depth insights into the course offerings and the value these programs provide learners before launching these courses within your organization.

Each session is delivered on an easy-to-use virtual learning platform and features a live certified facilitator. We include a follow-up phone/video debrief session where you’ll have the opportunity to receive your individual profile report and discuss how these social intelligence skills can be developed within your organization.

Register below for any available session.

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Instructor Certifications (Free Virtual Sessions with Admin Purchase)

Certification is designed to provide more advanced knowledge, skills and tools needed to facilitate our SOCIAL STYLE, Resilience, Agility and Behavioral EQ programs. Benefits of certification include enhanced professional credibility, mentorship by TRACOM’s Senior L&D professionals, and complete instructor kits to ensure classroom success. To inquire about a virtual certification session, choose your desired program, click “Learn More” and complete the form on the certification page. A Client Solutions Advisor will be in touch to set up your registration.

**In order to participate, the advanced purchase of an Administration Kit is required.

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SOCIAL STYLE Facilitator Update

Facilitator Update – SOCIAL STYLE® v3

If you currently teach the SOCIAL STYLE Model™ and would like to learn about the new SOCIAL STYLE® v3, tune into our SOCIAL STYLE Facilitator Update session.  Learn how the new assessment and profile have been improved and prepare to deliver sessions with this powerful new version.

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