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With engaging topics and informative presentations, TRACOM presenters will impact your organizations event with an understanding of Social Intelligence. Whether it’s an employee meeting, a sales conference or a customer event, a TRACOM speaker creates excitement AND impact to help audiences adapt the way they think, act and react to achieve maximum potential. TRACOM presenters understand the needs audiences have to take away key learning real-time, and use a powerful blend of human stories and neuroscience, alongside easy-to-understand techniques and strategies for immediate application and value. Complete the form below to begin the discussion on how to bring a TRACOM speaker to your event.

Speaking Topics

Don’t Get Fired By a Robot: How Social Intelligence Outwits Artificial Intelligence

Prepare your employees for tomorrow’s workplace. Learn what Artificial Intelligence means to all of our jobs and how developing our Social Intelligence increases the value we’ll bring to our organizations.

The Power of Versatility: Strategies to Create High-Performing Relationships

Versatility is the best predictor of success, boosting our interpersonal effectiveness. Learn how Versatile employees adopt the “Platinum Rule,” by playing on their behavioral Styles while smartly responding to others’ Styles.

Emotional Intelligence: It’s Behavioral

TRACOM’s next generation EQ model teaches the behavioral skills to improve your Emotional Intelligence. During this delivery you will learn what makes up Emotional Intelligence, why it is important, and how to improve your EQ through practical strategies.


SCREAM If You Want Organizational Agility!

Discover this breakthrough technique for developing Individual Agility, the only path to achieving Organizational Agility. It’s based on science, easy to apply, and will move your employees from mindset to skillset.

Unlocking Personal Agility

This interactive presentation helps participants discover the cognitive biases that prevent them and their teams from being innovative and Agile. Participants learn practical, behavioral strategies to overcome these biases and create teams that are flexible to change and proactive in creating change.

How Can You Change Your Company When You Can’t Change Your People?

How do we we manage our emotions and behaviors when experiencing challenges thrust upon us by society and business? Learn why Resiliency is the new foundational skill in today’s changing workplace.

Developing a Resilient Mindset

While everyone agrees that Resilience is necessary in today’s world, most people don’t realize that we are not naturally Resilient to life’s stressors. This presentation helps people recognize their own thinking patterns that diminish Resilience, along with strategies to counteract these patterns. Participants will learn ways to “bounce forward” during adversity rather than simply bouncing back or recovering. They will also learn proactive techniques for developing and maintaining Resilience.

The Two Faces of Change: How to Cause it or Deal with It

Change is either coming at you, beyond your control, or you’re causing positive disruption to improve your business. How can you effectively manage both? By learning the transformative power of Resiliency and Agility.

Turn Off Your Brain to Turn on Your Performance

All humans have cognitive biases that prevent us from being as effective as we can. Learn how to understand those biases, and overcome them through simple but effective strategies that will change leaders’ and employees’ behavior.

Cognitive Biases: The Hidden Barrier to Effective Learning Programs

Our cognitive biases drive so much of our behavior—and we don’t even realize it! Dr. Casey Mulqueen, an authority on neuroscience-based training and behavior change, will help you understand our biases to create the most effective learning possible.

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