Technology Applications and Tools

Improve Social Intelligence with SOCIAL STYLE® Technology and Learning Applications

TRACOM Social Intelligence Technology Applications and Tools

TRACOM’s technology solutions enable the entire learning process from pre-training support to online or instructor training through post-learning reinforcement.  Built on reliable and redundantly secure cloud platforms, TRACOM provides:

TRACOM Technology Solutions

  • Assessment and Training Administration Platform – MAX

    The MAX platform is an administration tool for L&D leaders, HR leaders and facilitators to provide Assessments and profiles to learners in advance…
  • SOCIAL STYLE Navigator®

    SOCIAL STYLE Navigator is a robust micro-learning application designed to help people APPLY the learning to real-world/real-time workplace scenarios.
  • SOCIAL STYLE® Passport – Global

    The SOCIAL STYLE Passport is an online tool to see how one's Style’s behavior would be seen in any country around the world.…

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