Technology Applications and Tools

Improve Social Intelligence with SOCIAL STYLE® Technology and Learning Applications

TRACOM Social Intelligence Technology Applications and Tools

TRACOM’s technology solutions enable the entire learning process from pre-training support to online or instructor training through post-learning reinforcement.  Built on reliable and redundantly secure cloud platforms, TRACOM provides:

TRACOM Technology Solutions

  • Assessment and Training Administration Platform – MAX

    The MAX platform is an administration tool for L&D leaders, HR leaders and facilitators to provide Assessments and profiles to learners in advance…
  • SOCIAL STYLE Navigator®

    SOCIAL STYLE Navigator is a robust micro-learning application designed to help people APPLY the learning to real-world/real-time workplace scenarios.
  • SOCIAL STYLE® Passport – Global

    The SOCIAL STYLE Passport is an online tool to see how one's Style’s behavior would be seen in any country around the world.…

First Step: Easy Training Administration

TRACOM’s MAX Admin portal is used to easily schedule training sessions of any size and assign learning participants and facilitators.  Clients can choose to manage their own training programs or have TRACOM manage administration on their behalf.

Second Step: Post-Training Support

A variety of post-training, OnDemand and micro-learning tools are included free to increase the application and business impact of the SOCIAL STYLE concepts.

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