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Teach Social Intelligence to Tomorrow’s Leaders

TRACOM’s programs serve universities, colleges, student organizations, professors, and staff in the academic world who want to impact the future of how people Think, Act and React for success.

The future needs Social Intelligence for humankind to thrive – and academia is uniquely positioned to inspire and prepare students to meet the challenges. Despite our best intentions and efforts, people are not naturally Socially Intelligent – habitual behavior, cognitive biases and a differences in perspective within cultures create challenges for people to perform optimally for greatest success. Exposure to programs that help students transform their mindset, emotions and behaviors to become more Socially Intelligent ensure the transition from school to workforce will be more successful, rewarding, and provide more opportunity. Schools that do not offer programs for students to elevate their Social Intelligence skills put their students at a disadvantage.

TRACOM’s programs are designed to provide insights, strategies and tools that are highly applicable to students of all ages and professional level; they prepare students to be more successful entering or reentering into the workforce.

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Columbia Business School Professor Speaks on Impact of Social Intelligence

Don’t take our word for it – Hear from the professors and Academic leaders championing Social Intelligence in their programs. Learn how Columbia Business School Professor of Management, Dr. William Klepper, has seen leadership growth with TRACOM’s SOCIAL STYLE, Resilience, Agility and EQ programs in his Executive Leadership and MBA courses.

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Academic Organizations Use Social Intelligence Programs to Improve Versatility, EQ, Resilience and Agility:

FAQs for Academic Leaders:

Who are TRACOM programs suited for use with?

TRACOM’s programs are used by university professors and curriculum leaders at the undergrad and graduate levels, within executive and continuing education programs, by student organizations including charities, student associations, fraternities and sororities, and by college and university leadership in staff development. K-12 schools and associations have also utilized programs in staff development and in student programs.

Can I tailor the programs to map to my curriculum?

Yes. TRACOM offers flexible program options and licensing of content to provide academic leaders with robust content and delivery options that best align to your classroom or student needs.

Who are our Academic Clients?

TRACOM’s academic clients include many top-tier schools and programs, such as University of North Carolina, Columbia University, University of Toronto, Harvard, Boise State University and many more.  We also work with local schools and school districts around the world.

Does TRACOM Offer Academic pricing?

Yes. TRACOM Cares is a program designed to support the pricing needs of Academia, Non-Profits and corporate sponsorship partners to ensure the same great programs are accessible at price-level consistent with academic budgets.

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Success Stories from our Academic Partners: