The Problem with People-People

Now, before you send me a message in defense of people-people, I need to let you know that I too am a people-person. This is Jason Kiesau with TRACOM Group and I’ll be your facilitator for this webinar. People-people are my people and though we bring a lot of great qualities to the workplace, we have some opportunities for growth that we need to talk about. The purpose of this webinar is to support people-people in maximizing their strengths and learn about weaknesses that could be slowing them down or sabotaging their relationships and success. This is also for task-oriented folks to help them better understand how to work and communicate with the people-people around them to maximize results.

During the webinar we will:

  • Learn about our dominant thought, behavior and communication patterns for greater self-awareness.
  • Acknowledge our strengths and growth opportunities to maximize our relationships, potential and success.
  • Discuss our needs and communication preferences, as well as what happens to us when our needs are not being met and we become stressed.
  • Explore how to be more Versatile and Resilient while working and communicating with others toward common goals.