Agility Programs

Our Adaptive Mindset for Agility® training teaches people how to overcome cognitive biases that get in the way of creativity and innovation and provides practical techniques to effectively execute change

Improve your Agility cycle from ideation to exploration to effective execution

TRACOM Group is the world leader in corporate Agility Training.  We have developed prepackaged Agility Training programs that teach people about their mindset and the biases that prevent them from optimizing their Agility. Our programs vary in length and depth and are available in both in-person and virtual formats.

All participant packages include an Agility profile, training materials, and a series of practical strategies that can be applied back on the job.

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Delivering an Agility Program

TRACOM makes it easy to deliver your Agility program. To get started, either purchase a Facilitator Guide and sign up for a free Agility certification to deliver the program yourself or TRACOM can provide one of our instructors to teach the program for you.