Whitepaper: Managing Workplace Conflict

Managers spend up to 42% of their work time resolving conflict, but it does not always have to be a negative experience. Understanding others’ interpersonal differences can help individuals have more satisfying interactions and help organizations increase productivity and retention.

Whitepaper: SOCIAL STYLE® and Selling Beyond the Product™

Selling Beyond the Product™ is a model that enhances sales success by providing strategies to become credible advisors to their customers. SOCIAL STYLE® enhances the effectiveness of the process by highlighting the importance of customers’ and salespeople’s unique work Styles.

Whitepaper: SOCIAL STYLE® and Strengths Based Leadership

This whitepaper summarizes the Strengths Based Model and shows how the SOCIAL STYLE Model contributes to its effectiveness, showing how the outward behavioral aspects of the SOCIAL STYLE Model contribute significantly to the interpersonal insights of the Strengths Model.

Whitepaper: SOCIAL STYLE® and Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence is a concept focused on how effectively people work with others, multiple studies have shown that Emotional Intelligence competencies make the difference between star performers and average performers, particularly in positions of leadership.

Whitepaper: SOCIAL STYLE® and Crucial Conversations

“Crucial Conversations” provides advice for difficult conversations in a way that increases the chances of successful outcomes. This whitepaper looks at the synergies of SOCIAL STYLE and Crucial Conversations.

Whitepaper: The Key to Sales Success

Organizations selling products and services experience the benefits generated by great salespeople and the negative impact of salespeople who do not produce. Researchers and consultants by the droves design and conduct studies that seek to identify the key components of a successful salesperson.