Whitepaper: Diversity and SOCIAL STYLE®

Many organizations have made strides to increase diversity in their workforces, but too often this training fails to achieve its desired results, and can leave people feeling confused about steps they can take to improve diversity.

Whitepaper: The Value of Multi-Rater Profiles

A number of companies are deploying multi-rater surveys as part of their curriculum, offering compelling benefits in the areas of training and development. This whitepaper looks at multi-rater profiles within the context of Interpersonal Effectiveness Training (IET).

Whitepaper: Interpersonal Effectiveness Study

Interpersonal Effectiveness Training (IET) has become a staple for organizations looking to improve productivity without increasing headcount. In order to create productive interactions and maintain positive working relationships, companies of all sizes and industries now implement IET training into their development efforts.

Whitepaper: Program Participant Research

Organizations are continually look for ways to improve their organizational performance, but measuring the benefits of these initiatives can be difficult. To help answer these questions, The TRACOM® Group conducted a research study regarding the impact that training has in the workplace.

Whitepaper: The Imperative for Social Intelligence

Social Intelligence accelerates human performance by transforming the way we Think, Act and React in more positive and productive ways. This whitepaper discusses the imperative for — and science of — accelerating human performance to achieve Social Intelligence. But first, we must break past biases holding us back.

Whitepaper: Emotional Intelligence and Versatility

While there are similarities between Versatility and Emotional Intelligence training, TRACOM’s Behavioral EQ Model takes it a step further, allowing participants to go deeper into their soft-skill training by giving them an understanding of what their emotional hot buttons are and what their strengths and weaknesses are based on fifteen core competencies.

SOCIAL STYLE Industry Infographic

These infographics look at the SOCIAL STYLE distribution and Versatility scores of people from more than 30 industries. See how your industry compares.