Whitepaper: SOCIAL STYLE® and the Extraordinary Leader


SOCIAL STYLE is known for working “well with others.” The SOCIAL STYLE approach to building communication and relationship skills provides complimentary learning and skills to a range of training initiatives, including other programs that support leaderships development, engagement building, sales process and many more. Our SOCIAL STYLE Connections whitepaper series addresses these advantages to help L&D and HR leaders build a comprehensive curriculum of programs. The Extraordinary Leader and SOCIAL STYLE Models are complementary and can be used in conjunction to help leaders succeed.


SOCIAL STYLE is renowned for its ability to enhance interpersonal skills and promote effective collaboration among individuals. This approach to building communication and relationship skills aligns seamlessly with a variety of training initiatives designed to foster leadership development, boost employee engagement, enhance sales processes, and much more. The Social Style Connections whitepaper series delves into these advantages, serving as a valuable resource for Learning and Development (L&D) and Human Resources (HR) leaders aiming to create a comprehensive curriculum of programs. In particular, the synergy between the Extraordinary Leader and SOCIAL STYLE Models is striking, as they can be effectively employed together to empower leaders to reach extraordinary levels of success.

About the Extraordinary Leader Model

The Extraordinary Leader Model, a well-established framework for leadership development, offers a wealth of tools and insights for cultivating exceptional leadership skills. When combined with the SOCIAL STYLE Model, which focuses on understanding and adapting to diverse interpersonal preferences and styles, organizations can equip their leaders with a powerful combination of skills. By embracing both models, leaders can improve their effectiveness in communicating, collaborating, and building strong relationships, all of which are essential for achieving extraordinary results in their roles. The harmonious integration of these models is a testament to their compatibility and the versatility of the SOCIAL STYLE approach in enhancing leadership capabilities.

Both SOCIAL STYLE and Extraordinary Leader Models

The capacity to integrate the Extraordinary Leader and SOCIAL STYLE Models provides organizations with a holistic approach to leadership development. This collaboration equips leaders with the essential skills to understand and connect with their team members and stakeholders, fostering engagement and maximizing their potential for success. By using both models in conjunction, L&D and HR leaders can create a robust curriculum that empowers leaders to excel in their roles and drive exceptional results in their organizations.