Research: Agility Technical Report

TRACOM develops assessments that are anchored in scientific theory and research. This report provides a detailed description of the research process that led to our Adaptive Mindset for Agility™ assessment.

Research: Brief of the Agility Gap

The research from The TRACOM Group and global research firm Aranca exposes an Agility Gap that is a significant threat to these organizations.

Research: Emotional Intelligence Training

When it comes to Emotional Intelligence (EQ) training, there are many commercial off-the-shelf programs to choose from, and they vary widely in terms of learning objectives and the experiences they provide.

Research: Retest Reliability

The reliability of TRACOM®’s assessments is the focus of this whitepaper. It details retest reliability including the three components of SOCIAL STYLE: Assertiveness, Responsiveness and Versatility.

Research: SOCIAL STYLE® and Key Job Skills

A new research study shows a direct connection between the Versatility skills of TRACOM’s SOCIAL STYLE Model™ and the skills that distinguish high performance in the workplace.