Whitepaper: The Imperative for Social Intelligence

Social Intelligence accelerates human performance by transforming the way we Think, Act and React in more positive and productive ways. This whitepaper discusses the imperative for — and science of — accelerating human performance to achieve Social Intelligence. But first, we must break past biases holding us back…

“The pace of change is fueling demand for adaptable, critical thinkers, communicators, and leaders. As technology accelerates, soft skills are in high demand to fuel people and business growth. In successful organizations “soft skills” are more important than ever.”

All organizations will be affected by future automation and will operate very differently than they do today. Those that are Socially Intelligent will set themselves apart by their ability to Communicate, Connect, Adapt and Innovate effectively. However, training that supports developing people on these abilities will require an approach that implements understanding and behavioral tools.

The best way to successfully develop these important skills is to educate people about cognitive biases, how these affect how we Think, Act and React , and how to break these biases through behavior change to create new habits which lead to more effective individuals, teams and organizations.