Video: TRACOM Versatility Tips

Overview of Versatility and Tips to Increase It TRACOM’s Casey Mulqueen, Ph.D. and Dan Day discuss how to interpret and give context to a low Versatility ranking in the SOCIAL STYLE assessment. Check out their conversation to learn how to increase Versatility through general and Style-specific strategies.

Video: Take 5 with TRACOM on Resilience

“Take 5 with TRACOM” is a video series focused on providing strategies and practical advice to help you become a more Socially Intelligent professional—all in 5 minutes or less. Thanks for watching!

Video: Cognizant Leader Discusses Results of SOCIAL STYLE Training

“Quite frequently, communication is cited as the number one tool that helped them close a deal or significantly impacted the project opportunity.” —Jeremy Jensen, Leader, Cognizant Academy Watch more about Cognizant leaders’ experience with SOCIAL STYLE training >>>

Video: Understand SOCIAL STYLE and Versatility

“The power of SOCIAL STYLE is realizing that there are people out there that have different preferences in how they like to think, how they like to receive information and how they like to communicate.” “The ultimate power of SOCIAL STYLE is something called Versatility. Versatility is really all about, ‘Do I take the time… Read More