Whitepaper: Cognitive Biases and the Story of Social Intelligence

Cognitive Biases and the Story of Social Intelligence All people are affected by cognitive biases that distort how we Think, Act and React to the world around us. This happens because our brains are lazy—we look for quick interpretations of events and easy solutions to problems. We develop habits so we don’t have to expend… Read More

Whitepaper: Resiliency in Sales

The business world is changing at a rapid pace, and traditional methods of building competitive advantages are changing just as quickly. More than ever before, salespeople bear the responsibility of developing long-lasting, mutually-beneficial relationships with customers by consistently exceeding their expectations. 

Whitepaper: Resiliency and Wellness

While physical wellbeing is certainly important, a more holistic approach to employee wellbeing is starting to be researched and understood, incorporating elements such as employee purpose (like what you do each day), social wellbeing (have supportive relationships), and physiological resiliency.

Whitepaper: Resilience for Leaders

TRACOM’s Adaptive Mindset for Resiliency™ programs teach people about their sources of and response patterns to stress while providing practical strategies for altering counterproductive responses.

Whitepaper: The Case for Resiliency Training

Organizations — and especially senior HR leaders are looking for ways to help employees deal with the effects of workplace change, strain and anxiety. This whitepaper looks at five areas where Resilience skills have an impact on individual and organizational performance, referencing research from TRACOM® and other studies.

Whitepaper: Agility and Resilience

The “need to be Agile” has become a rallying call for organizations everywhere, and for good reason. The pace of change has quickened dramatically and organizations worldwide have been disrupted by industry-altering change.

Whitepaper: The Age of Resilience

The world today can feel stressful. The news is filled with stories of divisive politics, dramatic social change, dire consequences of climate change, and helplessness in the face of global conflict and terrorism. All of these issues are a wake-up call for people and organizations to be proactive about developing Resilience.

Research: The Adaptive Organization

Business landscape is changing in a rapid and disruptive way, and change is likely to remain a constant, as businesses face new technologies, rising customer demands and emerging nontraditional competitors. In response, executives recognize the need for greater agility.