Video: Global Norms

Watch this video to see how norms, or normative comparisons, provide a mechanism for people to compare themselves with one another.

Video: What is Social Intelligence – an Introduction

Social intelligence transforms how people Think, Act and React – how they process and interpret events, how they behave toward others, and how they emotionally respond. By learning to recognize and manage our cognitive biases – the distorted thoughts that negatively influence our behavior – we increase our social intelligence. We become more effective in our interactions with others and more successful in our work.

Video: Unlocking Personal Agility

Learn about how Agility training drives innovation, positive change and growth. Agility training helps people and organizations overcome our tendency toward the status quo and move to positive action.

Video: Creating Agile Leaders

Long-term organizational success requires forward-thinking leaders who drive proactive change.  Watch this one-minute video on agile leadership.