OnDemand Webinar: Resilience is a Foundational Skill

How do we manage our emotions and behaviors when we experience the obstacles and challenges thrust upon us by society and business?  Organizations inlcuding CoBank have found that Resilience skills training helps employees deal with change, improves leadership and drives engagement. Learn from this conversation between CoBank Director of Learning & Development, Steve Franklin and TRACOM… Read More

CLO Magazine: Changing How People Feel About Change

A new article from Chief Learning Officer discusses the challenging job that HR executives have in achieving organizational change.  Senior leaders want change and they want it fast.  But employees fear, resist and even undermine change efforts. Author Dr. Casey Mulqueen explains that it’s not actually change that people hate. It’s the way they respond to… Read More

Building Resilience to Enable Positive Change

An IBM survey of nearly 1,400 individuals responsible for designing, creating or implementing change found that only 20% of respondents are considered successful in managing change, 87% said not enough focus is placed on managing change in critical projects, and only 40% of respondents felt they had the right skills to successfully manage change, despite… Read More

Agility Research Roundup

Multiple Studies Look at the Need for and Impact of Organizational Agility In February 2018, TRACOM released the findings from a new study of Organizational Agility.  This study included interviews with senior human resources and Learning & Development executives who identified a significant Agility Gap facing organizations.  It found that organizational leaders – both c-suite… Read More

The Agility Gap: Infographic

TRACOM released the findings from a new study on Organizational Agility. This study included interviews with Senior HR and L&D Executives who identified a significant Agility Gap facing organizations. It found that organizational leaders – both C-Suite and HR – had widely recognized the need for Agility capabilities, but few are actually developing these skills.

To be Agile, Learn to be Socially Intelligent

Innovation is what propels companies forward. Without it, they falter, and this has never been truer than it is today. This much is clear, the rate of change is faster than ever. But there’s a problem. All organizations say they want to be agile, but when the rubber meets the road, many of them spin… Read More

Resilience is Crucial – And it Can Be Learned!

Because of the hectic and fast pace of the world, many companies are questioning their workforce’s ability to keep up. If you’re peering in your competitors’ backyard and noticing a workforce that is succeeding and bouncing forward from the same adversities that are knocking your company over, you may wonder – what is missing? Many… Read More