Does Your Office Have Healthy Working Relationships?

How often do you focus on building relationships with the people you spend more time with than you do your own family, aka your coworkers? Sure, as a new hire – you’re going to work on building those relationships up and creating a good first impression, but what about for those of us who have… Read More

Q&A with CoBank: Interview with a CLO

Steve Franklin, Learning Executive at CoBank, Discusses the Impact of Resilience Training CoBank, a Colorado-based agricultural-focused financial services company, traces its roots back more than 100 years. But success in today’s global financial market requires equipping employees with new skills and ways of thinking. CoBank’s Director of Learning & Development, Steve Franklin recently sat down… Read More

Data Privacy and GDPR

What TRACOM Does and Doesn’t Do with Your Data This month the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) go into full effect. And while this standard is specific to citizens of EU countries, TRACOM wants people worldwide to understand what we do – and don’t do – with email addresses and other data. And… Read More

Is Your Selling Style Effective?

We all have a SOCIAL STYLE that dictates our behaviors and preferences in all facets of life. These preferences effect salespeople, and influence our naturally preferred behaviors in selling situations. But of course our own preferences are not necessarily those of the people we are trying to sell to. In fact, the odds are 3… Read More

Do We Rate Those Who Share Our SOCIAL STYLE Better Than Those Who Do Not?

A new Huffpost article titled, “Finally, Some Unflattering Research About Introverts” looks at information revealing introverts’ biases when evaluating their peers. According to two different studies, research tells us that introverted people are more likely to give low evaluations of job performance to their extroverted counterparts. They also are less likely to recognize extroverted co-workers for… Read More

What our Olympic Athletes can teach us about Resilience

Many elite athletes allude to the importance of Resilience in their achievements, noting the path to success is rarely straight forward and simple. Think about Lindsey Vonn — one of the best female skiers ever. However, Vonn won only three Olympic medals — one gold and two bronze — in 14 events during four Winter… Read More

Simple Approaches to Develop Resiliency – Part 1: Mindfulness

By: Nancy Evans Resiliency does not come to people as naturally as it seems – all people have challenges with being Resilient – from the small nagging voice of doubt in our head to overcoming life or career altering events; all people are prone to biases that challenge us to thrive under stress and despite… Read More

OnDemand Webinar: Resilience is a Foundational Skill

How do we manage our emotions and behaviors when we experience the obstacles and challenges thrust upon us by society and business?  Organizations inlcuding CoBank have found that Resilience skills training helps employees deal with change, improves leadership and drives engagement. Learn from this conversation between CoBank Director of Learning & Development, Steve Franklin and TRACOM… Read More