Stop Listening to Your Brain

Changing Behavior to Change Your Emotional Response My brain is always talking (sometimes yelling) to me.  It stresses me out with thoughts ranging from “traffic is horrible today” to “am I really prepared for today’s meeting?”  Your brain likely yells at you as well.  Thousands of times an hour our brains send out signals that… Read More

To Develop EQ: Practice with Purpose

Or, What I Learned from a Cabbie What do you think a taxi driver can teach you about emotional intelligence, or EQ? Well, maybe a little or maybe a lot, but if you happen to be riding in a London taxi, your driver is a living example of how to develop EQ. Not because he… Read More

‘You Might Be Thinking’ blog series: 1.1. Sales and Resiliency

YOU MIGHT BE THINKING:  “Our salespeople aren’t succeeding because they always seem to look at the negative side of situations first.” Why this might be happening: Your salespeople are competing in a world in which their value proposition is changing before their eyes. Products and services similar to yours are most likely available from other… Read More

Change is coming at you, or you’re causing it!

Organizational Agility Requires Both Resiliency and Agility Change is coming at you, or you’re causing it—or both. If change is thrust upon you—from somewhere beyond your control—how you deal with it is important to your future behavior, your success, and your health. The most resilient people do more than simply bounce back from adversity and… Read More

Increase Learning Effectiveness Through Social Experiences

The impact of informal learning has been documented, but many organizations still struggle to fully understand what makes informal learning work and how to leverage it to enhance workplace training initiatives. This dilemma arises from the very nature of informal learning — the fact that it is not and cannot be formalized in the traditional… Read More

People-First is the Only Long-Term Strategy

When I was in business school we learned about the four Ps of the marketing mix.  The idea was having the right Product at the right Price in the best Place(s) with the right Promotion.  Achieve those four Ps and you were looking at success. It’s 20 years later, but there is still plenty of… Read More

OnDemand Webinar: Build a Resilient AND Agile Organization—One Mindset at a Time

“Resiliency” and “Agility” are so often discussed yet rarely understood in the context of implementing these skills within organizations. Companies increasingly recognize the need to evolve the organization in order to grow or at least keep pace in a climate where innovation is critical to success—or even survival. But your people don’t know how to… Read More

Motivating Through the Negativity Bias

When a goal seems out of reach, we can become flustered and discouraged, and give up instead of pressing forward. Unfortunately, most of what is posted on social media is framed in a way that can make us feel inadequate to our peers. That is because instead of Carol posting about every interview that she… Read More

Infographic: The Case for Resilience

In a world of constant change — from disruptive to innovative — Resilient people are better prepared to handle change, challenge and disruption. In the workforce, this skill ensures success. Without it, failure. Resiliency is the ability to bounce forward in times of adversity and to see challenges as opportunities for growth. Because we work… Read More

You Can’t Silence Your Inner Critic, But You Can Reason with It

It’s 9:00 A.M. and I’m sitting in front of a computer, beginning to write this blog. After a few minutes of staring mindlessly at the screen, I’m jostled back to consciousness. Wait. What was I just thinking? Was I really telling myself that I don’t have any good ideas? That nobody cares what I have… Read More