Training During COVID-19

Humanity Is Shining Bright Once Again Everyone is affected. Everyone is concerned. So many of us are staying at home. In a time of such uncertainty, disruption and fear, it’s been refreshing to see how many of us have suddenly started to once again become more human. I’ve had dozens of Zoom meetings with our… Read More

Video: Take 5 with TRACOM on Resilience

Take 5 with TRACOM | Resilience | Jason Kiesau “Take 5 with TRACOM” is a video series focused on providing strategies and practical advice to help you become a more Socially Intelligent professional—all in 5 minutes or less. Watch the first video of the series on the topic of Resilience. If interested in attending our… Read More

Webinar: The Power of Resilience, in People and Organizations

Webinar | The Power of Resilience, in People and Organizations Hosted by Human Capital Institute Stress is bad for your health and your organization. Research suggests that people respond to daily psychological threats with the same fight, flight or freeze stress response as an animal running for their life. The inability to manage stress pollutes our… Read More