Workforce Resilience: Learning to Embrace the Next Normal

Your Employees are Stressed, and Business has Changed Businesses have been confronted with a wide range of challenges including economic struggles, layoffs, and transitions to and from remote work. These major shifts in day-to-day life are just some of the stressors that have caused ensuing feelings of uncertainty, loneliness, insomnia and anxiety. The increase of… Read More

Participants Respond to Agility Training with Positivity

  “I think as people become more comfortable in responding to all the uncertainty and change around them, as they become more agile, they can help their organizations do that and serve their customers better.” —Stace Williams, Founder and Principal Consultant, Interactive Dynamics   “One of my frustrations prior to attending the class today is… Read More

Overcoming Common Concerns of Outsourcing Training

Overcoming Common Concerns of Outsourcing Training One of the most pressing responsibilities of HR leaders is ensuring that the organization’s learning and development efforts are effective and aligned with the organization’s needs. If you have ever been on the administration side of employee training, you know that providing employees with a consistently positive training experience… Read More

Soft Skills Top the List

Soft Skills Top the List LinkedIn recently published the 2020 Workplace Learning Report highlighting the most in-demand skills for 2020. Back for another year at the top of the list are Creativity, Persuasion, Collaboration and Adaptability. Joining those sought-after Top 5 Soft Skills in 2020 is Emotional Intelligence. Many in the HR and L&D world understand the importance of soft skills and Social Intelligence, but… Read More

Video: TRACOM Versatility Tips

Overview of Versatility and Tips to Increase It TRACOM’s Casey Mulqueen, Ph.D. and Dan Day discuss how to interpret and give context to a low Versatility ranking in the SOCIAL STYLE assessment. Check out their conversation to learn how to increase Versatility through general and Style-specific strategies.  

Video: Take 5 with TRACOM on Social Intelligence

Take 5 with TRACOM | Social Intelligence | TRACOM Associate Luke Ross “Take 5 with TRACOM” is a video series focused on providing strategies and practical advice to help you become a more Socially Intelligent professional—all in 5 minutes or less. Watch the second video of the series on the topic of Social Intelligence and… Read More

Reynolds American’s SOCIAL STYLE Training Successfully Impacts Collaboration and Team-Building

“There is one consistent piece that shows up in the majority of exit interviews. And that is that ‘the training offered here was the best I have ever experienced in any organization.’” “SOCIAL STYLE is one of the highest-requested resources that we use at team-building events.” — Michael Miller, Senior Manager, Functional & Skills Development,… Read More