TRACOM Releases New Resilience Profile and 6 Training Programs

New Programs Identify the Negative Patterns of Thinking that Limit Personal and Organizational Productivity 

November 27, 2023 – The TRACOM Group today released an enhanced Resilience Assessment & Profile, 6 new training courses and a post-training resilience application.  Adaptive Mindset v3 builds on TRACOM’s leadership in resilience and Social Intelligence training.   

TRACOM first introduced resilience-specific training programs in 2014 and tens of thousands of people have benefited from understanding how their patterns of thinking can be changed to improve their adaptability and how to more productively handle change. 

The new Adaptive Mindset v3 Assessment & Profile is the first tool that identifies a person’s specific Negativity Bias, which is how they typically deal with stress and change.  Understanding this bias and taking steps to counteract it improves performance.   Additionally, the new profile now includes SOCIAL STYLE-specific resilience strategies.  SOCIAL STYLE is the world’s leading communications and behavioral style model.   

“Millions of people and organizations have used SOCIAL STYLE to understand their own behavior and that of others,” says Dr. Casey Mulqueen, the psychologist who led the development of the new profile and training.  “The inclusion of SOCIAL STYLE strategies magnifies the impact that learners receive from their resilience training.” 

Six new training programs are now available that make use of the v3 Assessment & Profile.   

  • Introducing Adaptability program is an entry-level, 2-hour program.  It includes the self-perception version of the v3 Assessment & Profile. It costs $75 per learner. 
  • Building Adaptability is TRACOM’s comprehensive 4-hour resilience course that helps learners overcome their Negativity Bias and uses the multi-rater assessment.  It costs $195 per learner.  

Both courses are available in a live, classroom version; a web-based classroom version; and an eLearning version.  TRACOM provides certification for facilitators who want to deliver the program or can provide expert facilitators to organizations. 

Additionally, all learners from TRACOM’s Adaptive Mindset programs have unlimited access to TRACOM’s new Resilience Navigator, a robust micro-learning application designed to help people apply the resilience and adaptability strategies to real-world workplace scenarios. 

“The Resilience Navigator helps people practice what they learned and put these concepts into practice in a daily manner,” says Mulqueen, TRACOM’s Senior Director of Learning & Development.   

The Adaptive Mindset v3 programs are available immediately.  Based in Colorado, United States, TRACOM Group is the leader in Social Intelligence. All of its learning solutions are easy to learn, remember and apply and are based on rigorous research that helps professionals better understand themselves and others.  TRACOM has a global presence through its worldwide network of expert facilitators and learning partners.