Grounded in more than  60 years of research and applied use, SOCIAL STYLE is a behavioral model and learning & development experience that helps individuals, teams and organizations communicate and collaborate with greater effectiveness. It teaches learners about behavior, human needs & stressors. It teaches how people can be Versatile communicators with others to achieve more together. Versatility is a predictor of success.

A Good Employee Versus a Bad One: How to spot the difference

Companies face challenges everyday in gauging employee effectiveness, particularly in the context of new hybrid and remote-working models prompted by the pandemic. According to McKinsey research, data indicates that employee disengagement and attrition could cost a median-size S&P 500 company between $228 million and $355 million annually, emphasizing the need for a more segmented approach to address varying employee experiences. In “Some employees are destroying value. Others are building it. Do you know the difference?,” Aaron De Smet, Marino Mugayar-Baldocchi, Angelika Reich, and Bill Schaninger discuss research identifying six distinct employee groups, ranging from highly dissatisfied and disengaged to thriving stars. 

Will 2024 be the Year of Soft Skills?

Bloomberg, Gallup, Manpower and other organizations that study the hiring market have been highlighting the growing importance of soft skills in recent years.  They tell us that soft skills such as communications, empathy and resilience are both highly valued and increasingly difficult to find.  This is especially true among junior and mid-level employees. 

TRACOM Recognized as 2023 Top 20 Assessment and Evaluation Company

We are proud to announce TRACOM has been selected as a 2023 Top 20 Assessment and Evaluation Company by Training Industry. This is the sixth consecutive year that TRACOM has made the list and we greatly appreciate the recognition and support from Training Industry. We are honored to be included on this list of 20 of the best providers of assessments and evaluations.

Gen Z Challenging Organizations to Rethink Engagement and Wellbeing

Sometimes I think that Generation Z (my generation) is like pizza with pineapple and ham.  Most people quickly dismiss us as not as good as other generations.  Some believe we’re too self-focused, whiny, opinionated. And a smaller group (often much smaller) describe our strengths such as more tech-savvy, flexible, creative, etc.  Forbes in particular frequently writes about Gen Z in the workplace.  Depending on the article, we’re the most “diverse”, “awesome, “freedom-seeking” and “difficult.” 

OnDemand Webinar: Organizational Resilience 2024 Outlook: Creating a Performance Culture in a World of Change

More than three years after the disruption of COVID, there still is no “new normal”.  Employee engagement is still near an all-time low and workplace stress at a high.  But some organizations have been able to achieve competitive advantage through individual and organizational resilience.  They equip their people with the skills to navigate chaos and turn external change into high performance.  This webinar will discuss the need for resilience and provide practical strategies for achieving resilience.

TRACOM Releases New Resilience Profile and 6 Training Programs

The new Adaptive Mindset v3 Assessment & Profile is the first tool that identifies a person’s specific Negativity Bias, which is how they typically deal with stress and change.  Understanding this bias and taking steps to counteract it improves performance.   Additionally, the new profile now includes SOCIAL STYLE-specific resilience strategies.  SOCIAL STYLE is the world’s leading communications and behavioral style model.   

Employee Engagement Remains Stubbornly Low

The latest Gallup data on employee engagement seems encouraging.  But is it really?  They say that worldwide employee engagement is a record high.  But that number is just 23% of employees.  That leaves more than ¾ of workers not engaged.  The U.S. numbers are slightly better at 32%, a figure that has not substantially changed over 10 years.   

How to Cope with AInxiety

Artificial Intelligence (AI) jumped into the headlines of late, but in reality, it’s not that new.   Few people initially worried about the voice commands that allowed us to complete common tasks with minimal effort. Then we started getting ads touting products or services eerily similar to topics we were discussing near our smart devices.  Then popular culture jumped into the AI world with movies like Ex Machina.