The Most In-Demand Soft Skills in 2021 and Post-COVID

Soft skills have always had a place of importance as recruiters search for talent. But moving forward, especially post pandemic, they will be even more important for both employers and employees. As the world continues to change, employers are realizing that Social Intelligence skills such as adaptability, emotional intelligence and resilience are critical as we… Read More

How EY Trains SOCIAL STYLE Effectively in a Virtual Format

Meet Lisa Jones, Senior Instructional Designer for global training at Ernst & Young. Jones is Master Certified in SOCIAL STYLE and has been designing and facilitating the program fo EY globally. In this video interview she discusses how to conduct and design effective training programs virtually. Jones shares with us the importance of a blended… Read More

Video: Training SOCIAL STYLE on a Global Level

We asked Mariam Amir-Ahmadi, Principal Director at Accenture Austria, about her experience training SOCIAL STYLE on a global level and how it helps leaders. Mariam is responsible for leadership development and coaching in the German-speaking regions of the organization. “It has proven to still be a very very positive experience for our people.” “SOCIAL STYLE… Read More

Working Virtually: Determining Style Virtually

How to Determine Someone’s Style When You Work With Them Virtually  “People can practice SOCIAL STYLE® concepts even when they work remotely. In fact, the remote working we’ve all been encouraged to do now has given us a new window into things we perhaps didn’t see with the people that we were working with before.”  – Lisa Jones, Senior Instructional… Read More

Inspired Impact: Interview with TRACOM’s David Collins

TRACOM President and CEO David Collins recently spoke with Rhiannon Hendrickson, Founder of Orapin Marketing & Public Relations for their Inspired Impact series which spotlights purpose-driven leaders who are making a meaningful impact in their communities, industries, and around the world. In this Q&A Collins discusses the inspiration and impact of TRACOM’s work, including the… Read More

Video: Accenture Reflects on Training SOCIAL STYLE Virtually

Meet Mariam Amir-Ahmadi, Principal Director at Accenture Austria, responsible for leadership development and coaching in the German-speaking regions of the organization. Since Accenture is a global leader in virtual training we asked Mariam about her experience working with TRACOM’s virtual SOCIAL STYLE training. “The feedback we get is very very positive. It’s alive, it’s interactive,… Read More

Never Not Be Afraid

A Crood Way of Looking at Emotional Intelligence While the COVID pandemic has rocked the movie industry, Universal Pictures is moving forward with the release of The Croods:  A New Age over Thanksgiving weekend.  This is the sequel to the 2013 Croods movie which follows caveman Grug and his family of Neanderthals as they must… Read More

Developing a Growth Mindset

Resilience. Fatigue.  Do you feel it?  Let’s take a moment to acknowledge how hard this time has been for many of us. We are constantly adjusting our schedules, our expectations and our reality. At work and at home we’re managing so many shifting tides, it’s hard to stay afloat. We’re facing hard truths and adapting… Read More