2019 TRACOM Product Catalog Is Now Available

TRACOM’s catalog is your complete resource for all Social Intelligence products. Whether you need open enrollment courses, have a corporate university or prefer highly customized learning solutions, TRACOM’s comprehensive training programs offer so much more than assessments.  In it you’ll find: SOCIAL STYLE®: The world’s most-effective interpersonal skills program with tailored versions for managers, sales professionals and… Read More

TRACOM Recognized as 2018 Top 20 Assessment and Evaluation Company

We are thrilled to announce TRACOM has been selected as a 2018 Top 20 Assessment and Evaluation Company by Training Industry. Thank you to Training Industry and all the organizations and individuals in the corporate learning and development marketplace who have benefitted from our Social Intelligence training. Your support is greatly appreciated! The Top 20 selection was… Read More

Webinar: The One Thing Every Organization Can Learn From First Responders

Few occupations require Resilience more than first responders, who begin each day not knowing what may come their way. Yet they’re committed to doing their jobs. In this webinar, Sgt. Bobby Waidler, Resiliency Coordinator of the Denver Police Department, discusses the importance of a developing a healthy, Resilient mindset for first responders. Dr. Casey Mulqueen… Read More

Chief Energy Officer addresses “How Resiliency Skills Help Physicians”

The Year in Social Intelligence, a round-up of articles and advice to help professionals start 2019 successfully Developing Resiliency skills has been shown to help prevent burnout. Sarah Steele, MBA, wrote in OnCall Magazine how 78 percent of physicians have experienced feelings of burnout. The good news is that Resiliency skills can be learned and… Read More

The Chemical Engineer analyzes different Styles: “Tune Your Communication for Better Results”

The Year in Social Intelligence, a round-up of articles and advice to help professionals start 2019 successfully   Do you find there are some colleagues or clients you simply don’t click with? Jamie Cleaver from The Chemical Engineer explains why and what you can do to overcome this in this article examining different Styles of… Read More

The Journal Gazette says “Understanding Social Styles Vital to Success”

The Year in Social Intelligence, a round-up of articles and advice to help professionals start 2019 successfully Understanding social styles vital to success   Article shared by: LISA GREEN | The Journal Gazette Let’s be honest; it happens. You or someone you know has referred to a colleague as a jerk or incompetent. Or, maybe you think… Read More

Career Cafe Podcast on Behavioral Style with Nadia Bilchik and Dan Day

Nadia Bilchik’s Career Cafe Podcast What’s Your Behavioral Style? Nadia speaks with Dan Day, Director of Global Markets at TRACOM Group | The Social Intelligence Company about behavioral styles and how they can be better understood for greater effectiveness between different communication styles. Listen to the podcast here: https://www.buzzsprout.com/169837/849077-what-s-your-behavioral-style Nadia Bilchik’s Career Cafe Podcast is known for its advice… Read More

Why You Shouldn’t Be Afraid of Feedback from a Multi-Rater

While self-assessments are inexpensive, quick and a good introductory way to learn the basics of any training program, the enhanced value of a multi-rater is undeniable. When individual self-perception is combined with others’ perceptions, a much-more accurate picture of an individual’s working style and relationships is achieved. TRACOM’s research has established that in more than… Read More