Three Unique SOCIAL STYLE eLearning Programs Available

Did you know that three unique SOCIAL STYLE courses are available in an eLearning format?  These courses are flexible, allowing individuals or groups to enroll and complete the course content at their own paceFor new learners, they complete the online assessment and receive their SOCIAL STYLE Profile as part of the classAnd now previous SOCIAL STYLE graduates have an online program to further enhance their Versatility skills.   

Improving Personal Effectiveness with Versatility™ OnDemand is a 2-3 hour self-directed eLearning program.  It includes the online SOCIAL STYLE Self-perception Assessment measuring a person’s SOCIAL STYLE® & Versatility.  The course costs $75 per learner.  

Introduction to SOCIAL STYLE™ OnDemand uses the same 2-3 hour self-directed eLearning program, but it includes the online SOCIAL STYLE Multi-rater Assessment. It measures a person’s SOCIAL STYLE® & Versatility with valuable feedback from others.  The program provides a solid understanding of behavioral differences and teaches strategies to apply SOCIAL STYLE and Versatility knowledge.  The course costs $195 per learner. 

Versatility in Action™ OnDemand is a 1-hour self-directed program designed for previous SOCIAL STYLE training graduates. The program uses a person’s previous SOCIAL STYLE Profile and refreshes their ability to determine a person’s Style and adjust to each Style’s needs to work more effectively with them.  It’s a great way to improve Versatility which is a major factor in workplace success.  

Like all of TRACOM’s SOCIAL STYLE programs, learners have ongoing access to the SOCIAL STYLE Navigator, a comprehensive set on online resources and application tools.   

Watch short videos and learn more about your SOCIAL STYLE eLearning options.