Whitepaper: The Case for Resiliency Training

Resilience: It’s just good business


Organizations — and especially senior HR leaders are looking for ways to help employees deal with the effects of workplace change, strain and anxiety. Whether they know it by name, they are seeking individual and organizational Resilience. This whitepaper looks at five areas where Resilience skills have an impact on individual and organizational performance, referencing research from TRACOM® and other studies.

Resilience skills have an impact on individuals and organizations in five key areas–wellness, change management, sales, leadership, and employee engagement. TRACOM defines Resiliency as “the ability to bounce forward in times of adversity and to see challenges as opportunities for growth.” With TRACOM’s resilience training courses, anyone can be taught how more productive and resilient.

Wellness and Change Management

Generally when asked about wellness, people forget about mental health. In Gallup’s research, it was concluded that 81% are less likely to look for a new job upon market improvement. Most employers love keeping turnover rates low, so keeping employees’ mental health positive benefits the employee and employers. Resilience training helps people adapt, allowing them to get through change smoother. With TRACOM’s resilience training courses, they are 22% are more likely to be unaffected by stressful situations. Resilient people also see change as a positive opportunity. Those with resilience training, are 15% better at actively supporting change initiatives

Sales and Leadership

When it comes to sales and leadership you need to be ready at any instant. People with resilience training are active thinkers allowing them to respond to any given situation in rational and realistic ways. Being resilient in sales, allows beneficial responses to difficult clients in a helpful manner. As a leader, resilience training helps respond to difficult questions by devising solutions. TRACOM’s resilience training courses ultimately help people understand and overcome the discomfort that some traditional selling skills inhibit.

Employee Engagement

According to Gallup, lack of employee engagement has cost the United States $450 billion to $550 billion annually in lost productivity. TRACOM’s resilience training courses can help improve employee engagement through higher job satisfaction, greater commitment, improved feelings of connectedness, and better job performance. People with resilience training are 14% more likely to stay engaged in their work during periods of high stress.

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