Versatility Drives High Performance

Versatility is more important than education, intelligence or work experience in terms of generating performance.

To Improve Performance, You Need To Improve Versatility

Popular personality assessments tell us that we all are a particular type and others may be a different type. Though these assessments help us answer the questions Who am I? and Who are they?; they don’t tell us how to overcome these differences. To help us learn to adapt to other people we need SOCIAL STYLE. Social Style helps us adapt to others’ personalities and visa versa.

The Four STYLEs

With the SOCIAL STYLEs assessment, you can observe a person and determine their preferences or Style. You can then use that information to moderate your behavior and make that person more comfortable. This is called Versatility. There are four SOCIAL STYLEs:

  • Amiable Style: They openly display their feelings to others. They appear less demanding and generally more agreeable than others. They are interested in achieving a rapport with others who often describe them as informal, casual and easy going. To learn more about the Amiable Style person, click here.
  • Driving Style: Seen as direct, active, forceful and determined, they initiate social interaction. They focus their efforts and the efforts of others on the goals and objectives they wish to get accomplished. To learn more about the Driving Style person, click here.
  • Expressive Style: They tend to be more willing to make their feelings known to others. They can appear to react impulsively and openly show both positive and negative feelings. Typically, they’re described by others as personable, talkative and sometimes opinionated. To learn more about the Expressive Style person, click here.
  • Analytical Style: They are typically described as quiet, logical and sometimes reserved or cautious. They tend to appear distant from others and may not communicate, unless there is a specific need to do so. To learn more about the Analytical Style person, click here.

Benefits of Versatility

Individuals who have mastered Versatility, have greater success in:

  • managing conflict
  • developing positive relationships
  • performing at a higher level

Versatility is the path to individual and organizational excellence! To learn more about TRACOM’s SOCIAL STYLE training, click here! To watch a video on Versatility Tips, click here!