What are the Key Skills for the Future?

What skills do organizations really need in their employees?  According to World Economic Forum, the most important skills are changing.  Their article, Future of Jobs 2023: These are the most in-demand skills now – and beyond, predicts that 44% of workers will face disruption of their core skills from now to 2027 due to the advancement of technology outpacing training programs. 

Analytical thinking is identified as the most crucial skill followed by creative thinking. The article bundles resilience, flexibility, and agility together and ranks these Social Intelligence skills in the 3rd post.  Motivation and self-awareness are identified in the fourth spot with curiosity and lifelong learning rounding out their top five. Saadia Zahidi, Managing Director of the World Economic Forum, highlights the increasing importance of leadership skills, social influence, and collaboration, emphasizing the traits that make individuals able to relate, innovate, and collaborate in the workplace.

The report also identifies the skills predicted to grow in importance for workers, with creative thinking and analytical thinking also topping that list.  More than 70% of organizations say those skills are growing in importance.   Creative thinking is projected to grow by 73%, indicating a faster growth rate than analytical thinking. Technology literacy ranks as another skill growing significantly in importance. The report notes that six in 10 workers will require training by 2027, but only half currently have access to adequate training opportunities. Despite the challenges, 82% of companies plan to invest in on-the-job learning and training, recognizing the need to upskill and reskill employees that aren’t up to par.

TRACOM Understands the Need for Hard and Soft Skills

This report is one of several that document the changing nature of job training and skills development.  As jobs evolve based on technology changes, our workplace success is driven more by our thinking relationship building.  Social Intelligence can matter more than traditional intelligence and our mindset more than our historical experience.  At TRACOM we offer four families of programs to build the skills you needed for organizational and individual levels: SOCIAL STYLE, Behavioral Emotional Intelligence, Adaptive Mindset for Resilience, and Personal Agility. TRACOM’s business soft skills training builds culture and team effectiveness.  Our assessments provide insights into how a person is seen by others and the training provides practical strategies to improve our daily interactions.  

Social Intelligence training also helps you become more self aware and aware of those around you. Whether you need to build a better relationship with your peers, manager, mentor, or client, you are building a better work relationship for yourself. All these changes together promote positive skill sets needed for individuals and the organizations as a whole.  Most importantly, these are lifelong skills that don’t become obsolete 

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