SOCIAL STYLE Industry Infographic

Compare how SOCIAL STYLE exists in your industry


The SOCIAL STYLE model is a four-quadrant behavioral preferences model identifying people’s behavioral preferences. Globally, millions of people have completed SOCIAL STYLE Profiles, allowing them to identify their own SOCIAL STYLE. People were able to measure their own overall interpersonal effectiveness compared to others, known as Versatility.

Research Methodology and Findings

Having all this data allows TRACOM to perform research and analysis about trends and interpersonal skills. In 2018, TRACOM released a new analysis of interpersonal skills and vertical industries. Using data from more than 400 thousand people, TRACOM was able to rank industries from highest to lowest on Versatility. The Education industry was ranked the highest out of 32 industries, while Research & Development was ranked the lowest.

The linked pages summarize the findings of this research and provide:

  • The distribution of each SOCIAL STYLE among workers (self-identified)
  • The Versatility position of each industry among 32 industries ranked
  • A discussion of SOCIAL STYLE considerations and recommendations

Industry Rankings from Highest to Lowest:

  1. Education
  2. Healthcare
  3. Media
  4. Legal
  5. Telecommunications
  6. Accounting
  7. Consulting Services
  8. Entertainment/Leisure
  9. Hospitality
  10. Business Services
  11. Pharmaceuticals
  12. Government
  13. Marketing
  14. Computers
  15. Non-profit
  16. Transportation
  17. Finance & Banking
  18. Insurance
  19. Consumer Products
  20. Chemicals
  21. Retail
  22. Defense
  23. Utilities
  24. Construction
  25. Automotive
  26. Aerospace
  27. Publishing
  28. Manufacturing
  29. Electronics
  30. Energy
  31. Extractive Industries
  32. Research & Development

TRACOM updates this information periodically and also looks how SOCIAL STYLE and Versatility compare across different job functions.