Research: Retest Reliability

Documenting the Reliability of SOCIAL STYLE®

The reliability of TRACOM®’s SOCIAL STYLE Model™ and SOCIAL STYLE® assessments is the focus of this whitepaper. It specifically looks at retest reliability over time including each of the three components of SOCIAL STYLE: Assertiveness, Responsiveness and Versatility.

No interpersonal skills or communications program has been as thoroughly tested as the SOCIAL STYLE Model.  And the testing has been done by independent organizations as well as by TRACOM.  Much of this research has been around the workplace impact that SOCIAL STYLE has created.  There are dozens of examples of how Style has helped leaders, sales professionals and individual contributors perform at a higher level.

This whitepaper looks specifically at the reliability and validity of the SOCIAL STYLE Assessment.  These are both highly technical attributes that measure how an assessment performs related to its objectives.  Validity is a measure of whether an assessment actually measures what it purports to measure.  In this case, the SOCIAL STYLE Assessment performs extremely well.

Reliability is a measure of whether the assessment consistently measures its items over time.  Again, the SOCIAL STYLE Assessment exceeds all standards for psychological assessments.  Download and review the whitepaper to understand why SOCIAL STYLE is your best choice for communication assessments and training.


This research study shows that TRACOM’s Multi-Rater SOCIAL STYLE Profile has good retest reliability, specifically for the ratings of “others.” While any given individual’s profile results can change across time due to a variety of reasons, the measure itself has reliability that is comparable or better than other personality and behavioral style measures. Critically, this retest reliability information is based on the ratings of others, typically co-workers, showing that the behavior measured by the Profile is observable to others and remains reliably consistent over time. Other research from TRACOM has established the high degree of reliability that groups of raters have with one another when rating an individual at one point in time (i.e., inter-rater reliability and agreement). Also noteworthy is that Versatility showed lower retest reliability than the other scales. This corroborates the philosophy and design of this scale; Versatility is changeable across time and circumstances, whereas Assertiveness and Responsiveness are more stable.