Research: Corporate Resilience Training Connected to Overall Job Performance


Study of 3,500 Professionals

While resilience skills are generally recognized as important for overall personal satisfaction and workplace culture, research also is documenting the connection between corporate resilience training and high job performance.  This research study included more than 3,500 people who rated leaders on both resilience and other important skills including:

  • Initiating change
  • Building workplace culture
  • Managing stress

This research compared people who were profiled using TRACOM’s Adaptive Mindset for Resiliency Multi-rater profile. People with “Undeveloped” (low) Resiliency skills are compared to people with “Prepared” (high) skills. The study showed that people with high resilience skills outperformed low resilience people by more than 20 percent in some areas including their positive influence on others.  The full research findings are available using the button above.

Organizations have found that delivering resilience in the workplace training into their overall learning and development efforts accelerates their ability to operate in a fast-changing environment.  They’re able to respond to market changes and competition and are able to more nimbly innovate.  Individual employees with resilience skills experience less stress and more engaged in their work.  Productivity is increased through resilience training.

Flexible Delivery of Resilience Training

TRACOM offers a variety of corporate resilience training options including in-person courses and web-based sessions. TRACOM can provide resilience experts to deliver training or certify an organization’s own facilitators to deliver the resilience training in either a half-day or full-day format.  Either option enhances an organization’s leadership impact.

All of the resilience programs include TRACOM’s Adaptive Mindset for Resiliency profile.  The multi-rater profile incorporates feedback from people who know the person in a professional setting.  This input supports learning moments where the person can recognize how they respond to workplace challenges and then provides actionable strategies to change behavior and improve outcomes.  A self-perception profile is also available, offering easy deployment at a lower cost.