Whitepaper: Agility and Resilience

The “need to be Agile” has become a rallying call for organizations everywhere, and for good reason. The pace of change has quickened dramatically and organizations worldwide have been disrupted by industry-altering change.

Research: The Adaptive Organization

Business landscape is changing in a rapid and disruptive way, and change is likely to remain a constant, as businesses face new technologies, rising customer demands and emerging nontraditional competitors. In response, executives recognize the need for greater agility.

Video: Unlocking Personal Agility

Learn about how Agility training drives innovation, positive change and growth. Agility training helps people and organizations overcome our tendency toward the status quo and move to positive action.

Video: Creating Agile Leaders

Long-term organizational success requires forward-thinking leaders who drive proactive change.  Watch this one-minute video on agile leadership.

Infographic: The Agility Gap

To become Agile, organizations benefit when they recognize that everyone has the ability to be creative and to see good ideas through to fruition. It is simply a matter of having the right mindset and strategies in place.

Research: Agility Technical Report

TRACOM develops assessments that are anchored in scientific theory and research. This report provides a detailed description of the research process that led to our Adaptive Mindset for Agility™ assessment.