Video: Generating Agility Skills in Your Organization, David Collins

If you look at companies today, one of the biggest challenges that organizations have is ‘How do I get innovative and creative and how do I get the most out of my people?’ The world is changing at a super fast pace and companies that don’t adapt and adjust simply aren’t going to survive. Agility is really the skill that we all house inside of ourselves. The ability for us to be creative and come up with new ideas, to figure out how to get others on board and how to execute those. Agility skills aren’t necessarily natural to people because we have something in our way called cognitive biases that really are self limiting things that frankly just don’t have to be. And one of the really cool things about Agility is that when you make people aware of what those cognitive biases are, in other words, those things that hinder them, you can really do some things with them to give them some strategies and techniques to overcome it and you can just watch people absolutely flourish with creative energy and juices that they themselves didn’t even know that they had.

— David Collins, President and CEO, TRACOM Group