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Using EQ to Build Leadership Influence

Most of the work that a leader accomplishes happens through influencing others.

So says a recent article from Corporate Responsibility Magazine.  The article goes on to discuss ways that emotional intelligence (EQ) can be developed to increase influence at work.

“The primary goal of learning about EQ and behavioral intelligence is to give leaders a clear idea of where they focus and a concrete, manageable action plan for doing this.  They key is to pick one behavior such as influencing others, and practice consistently for at least one month.” writes Dr. Casey Mulqueen in Small Change, Big Payoff from CR Magazine.

Dr. Mulqueen goes on to describe why working on just one behavior generates a big payoff.  He says focusing on one area is easier to consistently practice and creates a spill-over effect.  He says that when a leader works on influencing others, people begin to respond to the leader differently including seeing him or her as more creative and optimistic.

“Research shows that there’s truly a growing return on a leader’s efforts to build EQ in the workplace,” said Mulqueen.  “The simple strategy of making small daily behavior changes can lead to a significant and lasting improvement in results.”

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