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Using Emotional Intelligence to Build Trust

A new article in MWorld, the journal of the American Management Association is a thoughtful look at the role of emotional intelligence in building trust.  Authored by Dr. Casey Mulqueen of The TRACOM Group, the article demonstrates the connection between EQ and how managers build trust and commitment.

“Leaders should share their vision in a way that connects the goals of the team to the work of the individual.”

Some of the highlights of the article include:

  • There is a strong relationship between trust and job performance.  It’s as strong or stronger than relationships with other variables such as job satisfaction and job performance.
  • Trust in a person’s direct leader is often more important than trust in the organizations.  Having trust in the direct leader is highly predictive of job performance, job satisfaction and intent to leave the organization.
  • The genius of EQ — and the finding of most recent EQ research — is that leaders can practice one or two behaviors at a time. In this way their efforts are not scattered in many directions and they can consistently focus energy and attention on behaviors that have the greatest impact.
  • Emotional intelligence initially focused on awareness of oneself and awareness of others’ emotions.  But the current emphasis is turning such awareness into meaningful action.  The goal is to develop a small number of high-impact behavioral skills that are the best predictors of job success.

The article describes specific steps leaders can take to build trust and an approach for tailoring EQ to the work style preferences of the leader’s team.  Read the full AMA article here. 

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