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TRACOM’s SOCIAL STYLE Model Featured in Forbes

Have you ever had to work with a person whose behaviors seemed incomprehensible to you? Or maybe you’ve judged someone prematurely based on just a quick interaction.

In the new Forbes article, “What Planet Are You From? Five Ways To Get Along With People Who Aren’t Like You” Forbes contributor Erika Andersen describes her experiences in interacting with those who are very different from her and how TRACOM’s SOCIAL STYLE Model has helped her and her company enhance professional relationships.

Andersen writes, “In our practice, supporting people to become more ready to lead, we’ve used a model called SOCIAL STYLE for the past 25 years to help our clients name and work more effectively with these behavioral differences between them and others. It’s such a useful model that we nearly always include it in our executive coaching engagements, and we often teach it as a group session for intact teams. Teaching you the model here would make for a way-too-long blog post (and wouldn’t be the best way to do it, in any case), but I thought it would be helpful to share with you five of the most important principles we’ve extracted from our work with SOCIAL STYLE over the years.”

One thing Andersen highlights is the importance in realizing that other people aren’t you and “their behavior simply doesn’t mean the same thing coming from them that it would coming from you.”

As an Expressive Style person, when I first meet people I can become highly discouraged when the person I am meeting doesn’t show the same enthusiasm for meeting me, that I am showing for meeting them. I can also find myself becoming frustrated at a person’s slower pace, whether it be the pace at which they make decisions or their lack of urgency under time constraints. But I must remember, they have different behavioral preferences and I must be both understanding and compromising of that to practice enhancing my Versatility.

Some other accommodating behavioral tips that Andersen shares through this article are;

  • Watch your pace,
  • Start where the other person wants to start
  • Leverage complementarity vs. similarity
  • Start from neutral.

Click here to read the Forbes article, “What Planet Are You From? Five Ways To Get Along With People Who Aren’t Like You

Learn more about Behavioral Style and the SOCIAL STYLE Model here.

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