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TRACOM’s Newest Initiative: TRACOM Cares

At The TRACOM Group, giving back to the community is something we see to be our social and ethical responsibility. In the past, TRACOM has done this through the support of non-profits, academics, and other causes. Although TRACOM’s support for such causes is not new, beginning January 1, 2014, TRACOM formalized the program TRACOM Cares which is dedicated to impacting the lives of future generations entering the workforce. The program works by providing training programs at no or low cost.

TRACOM Cares initiatives primarily focus on the support of academic programs as well as well as nonprofit organizations.

Within the academic community, TRACOM supports, K-12 education students, graduate and undergraduate university programs and school boards.   Dozens of academic partners have participated in the TRACOM Cares Discount Program. These organizations include:Columbia University, Harvard Business School and Penn State University. Learn more about the TRACOM Cares Academic Program here.

TRACOM Cares also supports the nonprofit communities. Among nonprofit organizations, TRACOM Cares specifically addresses the needs of these future leaders and contributors by equipping them with the necessary Social Intelligence skills to be successful. In some cases we work directly with nonprofits and other times in conjunction with our clients.  Learn more about the TRACOM Cares Partnership with Corporate Social Responsibility Programs.

To learn more about the program, visit the TRACOM Cares webpage.

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