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Study Reveals SOCIAL STYLE Enhances Customer Service

A new research study shows that using the principles of SOCIAL STYLE can improve customer service delivery.

The study was conducted with a variety of customer service representatives in Minnesota.  Examined in the study were the perceived customer satisfaction ratings before and after participating in a one-day customer service training using the SOCIAL STYLE model.

The purpose of this study was designed to determine the impact of SOCIAL STYLE training on customer satisfaction as perceived by customer service representatives. This is the first study in which the SOCIAL STYLE model was applied to the field of customer service. The SOCIAL STYLE Model has had proven success related to various business areas, including managerial performance and sales.

This study utilized the SERVQUAL instrument which measured 22 expectation statements and 22 perception statements covering five dimensions of service (assurance, empathy, tangibles, responsiveness, and reliability). SOCIAL STYLE, Versatility, general customer service provider confidence, and communication behaviors were evaluated as well.

The studied service representatives perceived that they were better able to convey trust, competence, and confidence, as well as show customers knowledge and courtesy (i.e. assurance), before the training than they were after the training. This is because they were unaware of SOCIAL STYLE and had a lack of knowledge of Versatility. Prior to training they were treating all of the customers the same and not adjusting the treatment each customer received to their SOCIAL STYLE. This gave them an insight on ways they can improve and adjust to work with different Styles of people.

The results of the study found that the impact of SOCIAL STYLE training was significant as measured by the SERVQUAL instrument.

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